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Pug Mixes

Pug mix dogs are quickly climbing the ladder of most popular designer dog breeds. What are Pug mixes? Pug mix dogs are considered to be designer dog breeds where one of the parents of the dog is a Pug. Some of the most popular Pug mix breeds include Puggle (Pug Beagle Mix) and Chug (Pug Chihuahua Mix). There are many reasons why so many dog enthusiasts believe that Pug mixes make the best companion dogs. What is the best pug cross breed? The answer to this question lies in each potential Pug mix owner's lifestyle and individual preferences. Some Pug mixes are more active and are more suitable for people who enjoy walking and playing with their companion pet. Many Pug mixes are great for retirees who have lots of time to dedicate to a small Pug mix that enjoys to be showered with plenty of attention during the day. There are also calm Pug mixes that are suitable for living in an apartment due to being less active and less barky.

What are some of the pros of owing a Pug mix dog? While it is important to research both parent breeds in order to better understand the temperament of a Pug crossbreed dog, many Pug mixes tend to be great companion pets. Pug crossbreeds that inherit the Pug dog's temperament tend to be sociable and friendly with other people and dogs. Pug crosses are people oriented and dislike being left alone even for a short period of time.

When it comes to health issues that many Pug dogs suffer from breathing problems due to their short snout. Some Pug mixes may produce puppies that have more prominent muzzles, thus decreasing the possibility of the Pug mix developing health issues that are associated with brachycephalic dog breeds. There is no guarantee that a Pug mix dog won't have any health issues, and it is very important to thoroughly research both parent breeds in order to understand which health problems may be carried over to the offspring.

Do Pug mixes shed a lot? The amount of shedding in Pug mixes depends on which other dog breed the Pug is mixed with. Typically having at least one parent breed that is considered non-shedding or low-shedding increases the chances of having offspring that produces less shedding. Purebred Pugs are notorious for their abundant amount of shedding and getting a nonshedding Pug mix dog may not be possible. There are many strategies that Pug mix owners can use to manage Pug mix shedding. Using a deshedding dog brush frequently is an effective way to remove most of the Pug mix dog's shedded hair from the coat before it ends up on the floor or on furniture.

Pug mix dogs may not be the easiest to train and potty train due to a stubborn streak that is often present in many Pug mixes. Mixing a Pug with another stubborn dog breed such as Shih Tzu, for example, increases the chances that the offspring will inherit the same obstinate nature as that of the parent breeds.

Cute Pug Mixes

Best Pug Mixes

Cute Pug Mixes

List of different Pug mixes
  1. Chug dog. Chihuahua Pug Mix
  2. Puggle dog. Beagle Pug Mix
  3. Pugzu dog. Shih Tzu Pug Mix
  4. PomPug dog. Pomeranian Pug Mix
  5. Frug dog. French Bulldog Pug Mix
  6. Bugg dog. Boston Terrier Pug Mix
Pug and Chihuahua Mix (Chug)
Cutest Pug mixes List of cute Pug mixes includes a Chug which is a crossbreed between a Chihuahua and a Pug. Chug dogs are full of personality and they incorporate an adorable mix of physical as well as temperament traits inherited from a smart and loyal Chihuahua breed and the calm yet charming personality of a Pug breed. This small Pug crossbreed is conveniently sized for living in a city apartment or in a large villa in a suburban environment. The influence of Chihuahua's genetics can help this Pug Mix to significantly reduce a chance of Chug developing health issues associated with short snouts such as difficulty breathing and regulating body temperature. Both of these health issues come from the Pug side of the family, but having a Chihuahua in that mix helps to minimize these health problems or completely avoid them in some cases. Chihuahuas don't have many health issues and they are known for their longevity. These factors add up to make a Pug mix with a Chihuahua a great choice for people who really love the Pug breed but want a dog with fewer health issues. Chugs are among the smallest Pug mixes and their owners need to be careful not to accidentally step or sit on this tiny dog.

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Best Pug Mixes

Different types of Pug mix breeds

Pug and Beagle Mix (Puggle) Best Pug mixes Puggle dogs are among the most popular crossbreeds for many reasons. Friendly and easygoing Puggle is an offspring of a Beagle mixed with a Pug dog. This Pug crossbreed dog is a great addition to most family situations. Puggles make suitable pets for families with older kids and for adults of all ages. This energetic Pug mix dog may inherit Beagle's playfulness as well as great olfactory sense. Depending on which parent breed's temperament a Puggle dog inherits, he may be either quiet like the Pug or loud like the Beagle. Beagles tend to enjoy recreational barking and there is no surprise when a Puggle dog inherits that same talent. Most Puggles do well in apartments as long as they receive adequate exercise. A home with a fenced yard where a Puggle dog can enjoy spending some energy is an ideal living situation for this sturdy little dog. If you are considering getting this Pug Mix dog, be prepared to manage his shedding by frequent brushing using a deshedding brush. Both, Pugs and Beagles are notorious for their considerable shedding and this trait will likely pass on to the offspring.

Shih Tzu and Pug Mix (Pugzu)
Pugzu dogs make entertaining and potentially stubborn but always adorable companion pets. Pugzus are a designer dogs that are developed by crossing a Pug with a Shih Tzu. Since both of these dog breeds are brachycephalic, their short snouts may be responsible for breathing problems that some Pugzu dogs are susceptible to. Snoring is not unusual for Pugzu dogs. Pugzu dogs also have bulging eyes that give this mix an almost human-like expression and while this Pug mix is undoubtedly cute, these beatiful eyes are prone to injuries. Some Pugzu dogs feature short coat like their Pug parent while others may feature a longer coat that is inherited from the Shih Tzu parent. Regular brushing helps to keep the coat free of mats and shedded hair. Pugzu dogs have reasonable exercise requirements and are ideal for people that enjoy a company of this lazy Pug mix. Both, Pugs and Shih Tzu dogs can be stubborn and challenging when it comes to obedience training. Owners of this Pug mix will need to go the extra mile to get a Pugzu interested in learning new commands. There are so many good qualities that this Pug crossbreed is known for. Pugzu dogs are playful and affectionate with their owners. Even tempered and friendly with other people and pets, this Pug mix is sure to earn his place among the best Pug Mixes.

Pug and Pomeranian Mix (PomPug)
PomPugs are small dogs that are the offspring of a Pomeranian and Pug Mix. Many PomPugs are independent-minded and confident. Some PomPugs may not bark much, like their Pug parent, while other PomPugs may enjoy the sound of their voice, much like their Pomeranian side of the family. Some PomPugs inherit the Pug's short coat while others may feature a longer and fluffier type of coat that is similar to that of a Pomeranian dog. PomPugs with longer coat may be more demanding in terms of grooming than short-haired PomPug dogs.

French Bulldog and Pug Mix (Frug)
Frug dogs are the mix of Pug with French Bulldog. Frugs are playful and can be stubborn especially during training. Frugs are great for living in an apartment as they need a reasonable amount of exercise and they don't bark frequently. This lazy Pug mix is a great dog for less active people who don't want to walk for miles with a dog. Frugs like to spend as much time as possible in the company of their owners and they need owners who can spend lots of time with the family dog.

Boston Terrier and Pug Mix (Bugg)
Pug mix breeds also include a Bugg dog. A Bugg is a mix between a Pug and a Boston Terrier. This family-friendly Pug mix dog makes a great companion dog for adults of all ages as well as for families with older kids. Bugg dogs are full of characater and they really like to be in the center of anything that is happening in their family. Since Buggs are brachycephalic dogs, they may have trouble regulating body temperature and should not be subjected to very hot or very cold environments. Brachycephalic dog breeds are banned by many airlines as sudden changes in temperature may not be safe for dogs with short snouts.

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