- Golden Cocker Retriever pros and cons
Owning a Golden Cocker Retriever pros and cons

Golden Cocker Retriever pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Cocker Retriever health issues

Owning a Golden Cocker Retriever pros and cons

Golden Cocker Retriever pros and cons People who are familiar with Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels may be curious to learn that there is a hybrid dog that is an offspring of these two well known dog breeds and it is called a Golden Cocker Retriever or a Cogol. What are some of the advantages and challenges to owning a Golden Cocker Retriever? Let's first dive into exploring the pros associated with Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel mix.

There are so many positives to owning a sociable and good-natured dog such as the Golden Cocker Retriever. What's not to love about this intelligent and trainable dog that fits into most households that have a good size fenced yard for active Cogol to enjoy. For active people who enjoy long daily walks, Golden Cocker Retriever is the perfect exercise companion. Whether you enjoy taking your dog to the local dog park or like wonder along the trails in the wilderness, Golden Cocker Retriever will be delighted to accompany you. Full of energy, Cogol dog needs at least an hour of walking every single day. The best part of owning a Golden Cocker Retriever is that this dog makes a great walking partner for active adults of all ages.

Another pro to owning a Golden Cocker Retriever is that this dog is suitable for most families, including families with older children. Kids need to be taught to be gentle with the dog and should also be encouraged not to bother the dog when the pet is resting or eating. Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix dog that is raised with kids makes a fun playmate that enjoys playing fetch, go for a swim and spend time being involved in whatever his family is doing. Single people, retirees and households with children can all enjoy the companionship of playful and eager for attention Golden Cocker Retriever.

One of the advantages to owning a Golden Cocker Retriever is that this pet is an eager student when it comes to training. Always use positive motivation when training a Golden Cocker Retriever dog - they are sensitive to harsh treatment and may respond by clamming up when owners are yelling or punishing him. Rewarding good behavior and ignoring problem behavior is a good way to steer your pet in the right direction when he is learning to be a well-mannered family pet. For example, during potty training, accidents are prone to occurring. The most effective way to handle an accident is by quickly cleaning the puddle on the floor without yelling at the dog. Rewarding the dog when he is peeing in the designated dog toilet area by praise or a small treat is a great way to help your pet quickly understand which behavior gets rewarded. Punishing Golden Cocker Retriever for accidents will only slow down the process of training and is counterproductive.

Although Golden Cocker Retrievers are wonderful companion pets there are some challenges that owners of Retriever Mixes can relate to. Abundant shedding is one of the cons to owning a Cogol dog. Both parent breeds are notorious shedders and Cocker mix dogs can make their parents proud by the amount of shedding they produce. Owners need to have working strategies to successfully manage all the shedded hair that follows the dog - just look at the floor or at the furniture of someone who owns a Golden Cocker Retriever and you will surely find some dog hair there. Investing in vacuum cleaner for pet owners can help to deal with the dog's hair around your home. Regular brushing also helps to remove most of the dog's dead hair from the coat. Healthy diet is another factor that helps to keep your pet's coat in good condition. Golden Cocker Retriever dogs are not hypoallergenic and if you have known pet allergies, be sure to spend some time with the dog prior to making a final commitment.

Shedding management is much easier with the right tools such as Hertzko Self-Cleaning Deshedding Tool.

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Cons of owning a Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel mix include the high grooming needs of this pet. Brushing and trimming the coat once every few weeks are a must in order to keep the coat neat and well-cared for. If you rely on a help of a professional dog groomer to manage your pet's coat then be prepared to spend a small fortune as grooming appointments tend to be expensive, which is another disadvantage.

Another thing to think about if you are planning to get a Golden Cocker Retriever is who will care for your pet when you are away on vacation or on a business trip. It is important to have a responsible adult taking care of your dog while you are away. Single people who work full time may not be ideal owners for this pet because sociable Golden Cocker Retrievers can't be left alone for long periods every single day of the week - they are active and have too much energy to sit around and wait for your return. You may have to have someone walk the dog to keep your pet mentally and physically in good shape.

Golden Cocker Retriever puppies can keep you really busy during the first months - it takes time to potty train a puppy, to socialize the puppy and to properly care for the dog. The amount of work that a young Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel puppy requires can be overwhelming, which can be a challenge for new owners who don't have much previous experience with having a new puppy.

Pros of a Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Cocker Retrievers make great companion pets
Sweet and sociable, Golden Cocker Retrievers have a great temperament as family dogs
Another pro of Golden Cocker Retriever dog is that he is highly intelligent and responds well to training

Cons of a Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Cocker Retrievers don't do well when left alone for long. They need constant companionship and plenty of space.
Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel mix dogs need a lot of exercise every day
High grooming needs can make Golden Cocker mix dogs challenging to own
Golden Cocker Retrievers produce a lot of shedding, which is another disadvantage

Golden Cocker Retriever health problems

Although Golden Cocker mix dog is likely to be predisposed to some health issues that affect the Cocker Spaniel and Golden Retriever purebred parents, it's generally considered to be a healthy dog. Looking at the health conditions that affect their parents can help a lot to determine which health problems may be found in the offspring.

Known to enjoy relatively good health, it's always important to schedule routine wellness check ups for your Golden Cocker Retriever with your vet. Below are some of the health issues that are common to the Golden Cocker Retriever:

Hip Dysplasia. This can be caused by a dog's lifestyle and environment. It is also a genetically-passed on the disease. To check on it, a system known as ‘Hip Scoring' is used, whereby dogs aged one year and above get x-rayed and given a score.

Ear Infections. The Cocker Spaniel has been identified as among the notorious patients that develop chronic ear infections. As such, there is a possibility that the Golden Cocker Retriever could also be affected. If you happen to see your dog rubbing his face on the ground, scratching in his ears vigorously or even shaking his head a lot, just take him to the vet for an ear infection checkup.

Entropion and Ectropion. Ectropion refers to the scenario of the eyelids folding out, while Entropion is when the eyelids fold inwards. Both of these are abnormal health conditions that need early treatment at your Veterinarian.

Healthy diet is very important for every dog's health. Maintain the Golden Cocker Retriever on a healthy balanced diet to prevent any skin, ear, coat, and other health problems. The amount of food given to your Golden Cocker Retriever depends to a large extent on the age, size and activity level of your dog.

The Cocker Spaniel parent is known to eat a lot and is also prone to obesity. Several health issues affect obese dogs such as joint problems and liver diseases. As such be careful when feeding your dog by splitting the meals into several portions per day without allowing the dog to free feed. Control the number of treats you give to your Golden Cocker Retriever as a reward for obedience. This will prevent your dog from packing on pounds which can lead to obesity.

Some Golden Cocker Retrievers may be sensitive to dairy products. Foods that may trigger allergic reactions in Golden Cocker Retriever include beef, eggs, rabbits, lamb, wheat, pork, and soy. Other foods may trigger allergies to Golden Cocker Retrievers. Always talk to your vet and get some advice in case you notice any signs of food allergies in your pet which may include itchy skin, discharge from the eyes and other symptoms.

Golden Cocker Retriever info

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