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Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix dog information. Learn about Golden Cocker Retriever lifespan, personality and grooming requirements.

Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix (Cogol)

Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix dog imageWhat is a Golden Cocker Retriever? Golden Cocker Retriever mix is a hybrid dog which is produced when a Golden Retriever is crossed with a Cocker Spaniel. Golden Cocker Retriever inherits many traits from purebred parents. Golden Cocker Retriever is loyal, has a happy disposition, endless supply of love, and is suitable for families with children. Being a mix between the devoted Cocker Spaniel and sociable Golden Retriever, this dog is highly active, intelligent, and exceptionally friendly.

Also referred to as the Cogol and Dakota Sport Retrievers, Golden Cocker Retriever will keep you active. Being one of the dog breeds that has taken the designer dogs realm by storm, this adorable mix will truly shine as a great companion to any loving family. Aside from being sweet and playful, these pooches will surely add warmth and laughter to your home.

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For anyone looking to have a super affectionate dog, you need to consider the Golden Cocker Retriever as your top-notch family dog. They enjoy being involved in the daily activities of the family. This includes leisure and fun time such as heading out on hikes, lounging and snuggling on the couch and running various errands. Since the Golden Cocker Retriever is a dog with high energy levels, Cogol is perfectly suited for homes with a backyard, but not suitable for apartments or small condos.

The Golden Cocker Retriever is believed to have first appeared about 20 years ago. Being a relatively new designer breed, there's little documented information about the history of this breed. But you can get to know more about the origin of this breed by digging deep into the history of the purebred parents.

Originally from Scotland, the Golden Retriever has always been well-known for their high abilities to take on obedient-based and agility tasks. They also have a great reputation for having a high level of intelligence. On the other hand, the Cocker Spaniel is a dog from Spain where it was well known as a great hunter. The dog had special expertise in tracking and startling fowl.

Although the Cocker Retriever is well known as a hybrid designer dog for quite some years, many of these dogs have unfortunately ended up in shelters. If you are considering adding a Golden Cocker Retriever to your home, you may consider visiting local shelters and rescue groups.

Golden Cocker Retriever Pedigree
Being a mixed hybrid dog from two purebred parents, the Golden Cocker Retriever is quite unpredictable. This applies even to puppies in the same litter. As such, the dog is yet to be recognized and registered by the American Kennel Society (AKC) as a real breed. However, it has received recognition from several Hybrid clubs in America, in case you would like any paperwork regarding this dog.

The first offspring produced from crossing the Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel purebred parents are known as First Generation offspring (F1s). The second generation is known as F2s, and the cycle goes on and on. To get a purebred Golden Cocker Retriever with predictable traits could take several generations and years as well.

Golden Cocker Retrievers Appearance
These dogs borrow their appearances from both of their purebred parents. Just like the Golden Retrievers, they are available in a variety of colors from cream, golden, red-gold and black. They borrow their small stature and floppy ears and other appearance traits from their Golden Retriever parents.

The second-generation crosses of Golden Cocker Retrievers feature a lot of fluffy hair that is similar to the parents'. Always keep in mind that the appearance of crossbreeds doesn't result in predictable results. Your Cogol puppy could look a lot like its purebred parents or even have a pretty different look. For instance, you can never know what color or texture the dog's coat will have. The puppies' appearance remains a mystery as they grow. This mystery element is loved by most dog owners since the puppies will be different and unique from the rest.

Golden Cocker Retriever Life Expectancy

How long do Golden Cocker Retriever mix dogs live? Half Golden Retriever half Cocker Spaniel dogs have a lifespan ranging between 10 and 13 years. The life expectancy of Cogol dog can reach 15 years with proper care and healthy lifestyle.

Golden Cocker Retriever Size

How big do Golden Cocker Retriever dogs get? As a result of the differences in size between the Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel, sizes of Golden-Cocker mix can vary widely. On average, the Golden Cocker Retriever's weight is 30 to 45 pounds, with some being smaller or larger. The height can range from 14 to 20 inches. If your breeder happens to be offering miniature or toy Golden Cocker Retrievers, just ensure the puppies' small size is expected depending on the parent's size. Generally, the size of adult Golden Cocker Retrievers largely depends on the size of their parent dogs. Parents that are smaller than average will produce petite, or miniature Golden Cocker Retrievers, while bigger parents will produce large offspring.

Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel Mix Dog Temperament

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a total family dog, who is super affectionate with a high level of activity. Golden mix quickly forms loving bonds with their family and loves to accompany humans while they are on their day-to-day activities and tasks. The Golden Cocker Retriever will never do well when left alone for long periods. He could develop destructive behaviors when he's bored.

If you like spending a lot of time outdoors hiking, taking long walks or doing other activities, the Golden Cocker Retriever will happily accompany you. After a long day filled with the dog's healthy action, he will relax, cuddle up together with you as he recuperates on the couch. Cocker Spaniel mix dogs are also great playmates with children. When very little children are involved, supervision is advised.

Being smart and intelligent dogs, there's a need to incorporate obedience and fetch tasks into their daily schedule to maintain their physical and mental health. With their sweet and loving temperament, Golden Cocker Retrievers are very adorable dogs. When introduced properly to other pets and puppies alike, they can be very friendly and sociable as they grow up. Otherwise, dogs are likely to become aloof when they grow up without proper socialization.

Golden Cocker Retrievers are too friendly and can't be used as guard dogs. Most Golden Cocker Retriever dogs won't even bark or raise any alarm if a stranger approaches the house. As such, you shouldn't count on the Golden Cocker Retriever to guard your home or provide any form of security. These dogs are great as companion pets and not suitable for people who are looking for a watch dog or a guard dog.

Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel mix dog enjoys the company of children. Playful and sociable temperament of these dogs is very suitable for active families with kids who have a nice big yard where the dog can play fetch and run with the kids.

As expected from such an affectionate and family-friendly dog, the Golden Cocker Retriever doesn't have any issues of getting along well with other pets and children. Playful and gentle in temperament, Golden mix dog will easily become great play buddies with your kids.

When around other household pets, Golden Cocker Retrievers are very comfortable. Socializing the Cogol dog from early age is very important and helps to raise a confident pet that can be comfortable around different people and animals.

Golden Cocker Retriever Exercise Requirements
With the high energy levels that the Golden Cocker Retriever has, the dog will require a minimum of 60 minutes worth of activity each day. Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel mix dogs enjoy fetch, swimming and will happily accompany you in your jogging sessions. Obedience classes and other dog sports can help your Golden Cocker Retriever stay engaged both mentally and physically.

Golden Cocker Retrievers enjoy countryside homes with fenced-in yards. This hybrid likes to romp in warm weather climate as he explores in the outdoors frequently each day. Having a fenced yard helps the dog to find a healthy outlet for their abundant energy. Due to the high hunting drive Golden Cocker Retrievers are likely to run after small animals. Therefore, if you own birds, cats, or any other small pets, caution should be observed.

In addition to the physical activities you expose your Golden Cocker Retriever, this pet craves intellectual stimulation and activities like agility course can be very beneficial for your pet.

Golden Cocker Retriever grooming

How to groom a Golden Retriever Cocker Spaniel cross dog? Golden Cocker Retriever's coat is medium in length, straight or wavy and is usually dense to touch. The dog is a moderate to high shedder, and daily brushing is important to prevent mats and tangles from forming. Also remember to brush out the dog's chest, ears and trousers properly and daily. To keep the dog's silky coat in tip-top condition, professional grooming is required every couple of months.

If your Golden Cocker Spaniel mix dog happens to be shedding a lot of hair, thorough brushing should be done at least once a week. Ensure to do the brushing task outside your house. Being a heavy shedder, dog hair may kick up all over your house if you happen to brush your dog while inside the house. By doing the task outside, you'll even be helping the ecosystem, as the brushed-off hair will be picked up by birds to create nests.

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The Golden Cocker Retriever thrives in moderate climate zones. If it seems extra cold outside, ensure to dress your dog appropriately with a suitable dog coat. During the hotter months of the year, always ensure there's sufficient fresh drinking water and shade to take care of your Cocker Retriever as necessary. To prevent heat stroke, never leave your pet alone in a car, even when the weather is cool - it is always much warmer inside a vehicle and the dog can easily get overheated.

Caring for Your Golden Cocker Retriever
Just like all dogs, it's very important to ensure you take your Golden Cocker Retriever for frequent health checkups. Your Veterinarian will help you create routine care schedules that will help to keep your Cocker Retriever healthy by detecting any health concerns early on.

Golden Cocker Retrievers also require at least an hour each day of play sessions and outdoor walks. Whenever you go jogging, take your dog along. You could split up these sessions into two. It will even be better if you can access a secure off-leash park that is also fenced to prevent your dog from accidentally escaping. You can also include swimming in your dog's exercising routine.

Add some fun for your Cocker Retriever if you have a secure yard that is fenced. This can be done by including interactive toys in his environment to allow Cogol dog to investigate and explore. Generally, the Golden Cocker Retriever is a very active canine that never seems to get tired.

Remember to check the dog's paw pads for damage and also examine the nails to ensure they are not too long to cause discomfort to your Golden-Cocker mix dog. If the nails are long, trim them as necessary and don't cut too deep, since they could bleed due to the blood vessels located inside the nail.

It is also important for you to check on the Golden Cocker Retriever dog's ears and pay close attention to signs of infection or dirt building. Dental care should also be performed regularly. Brush the dog's teeth using a vet-approved dog toothpaste to prevent dental health issues and help to keep fresh breath.

Golden Cocker Retriever potty training

Bringing a Golden Cocker Retriever puppy home is very thrilling. There is nothing cuter than this bundle of joy... until it leaves a steamy, hot mess on your beautiful carpet! Frustrations in potty training have created a few wedges between these fur pooches and their owners. But with patience, consistency and just a small amount of knowledge, scrubbing pet stains from your floor and carpet will be past tense. That said, follow the following steps to potty train your Golden Cocker retriever:

First, identify a dog potty area outside your house where the Golden Cocker Retriever puppy will be relieving himself. This will help in easy cleaning up, rather than the dog scattering the "poo" all over the yard.

Since small Golden Cocker Retriever puppies have small bladders and bowels, ensure to take your puppy out to the designated potty area after every one or two hours. You could also watch out for potty-readiness signs that he wants to go out such as going round in circles, barking a lot, sniffing on the floor and going back to a previously soiled area.

While at the potty area, ensure the Cogol puppy does relieve himself. Once he does, praise and reward him with some treats such as a few chicken pieces. Again, ensure to minimize the number of treats to check on weight. You could accompany the praise with a comfortable command such as "Good Dog!" or any other. Eventually, you will just need to utter the command and the puppy will run to this spot to do the business since he will have already related the activity with a positive experience.

When these few steps are followed consistently while employing positive reinforcement techniques, your Cogol puppy will eventually learn to go do the business by himself. Always avoid punishing your dog in case there are accidents, as the dog may start fearing and mistrusting you, making the potty training process even harder. Fortunately, the Golden Cocker Retriever is an intelligent dog and will, therefore, not give you a very hard time potty training.

How to train a Golden Cocker Retriever dog?
Golden Cocker Retrievers are easily trainable, but these dogs may be very sensitive to harsh training techniques and should never be yelled at or punished. Highly intelligent and eager to please their owners, Golden Cocker Retriever dogs enjoy reward based training that makes training sessions a fun activity that the dog will be looking forward to. These pooches need to be trained starting in early puppyhood for best results. Adult Golden Cocker Retrievers respond well to training as well, but may need more patience and more time on the owner's side to achieve good results.

To prevent the Golden Cocker Retriever from wandering off, a playpen in a fenced backyard can help a lot. Training sessions should be short and sweet. Five to ten minutes per session is enough. Always remember to reward your dog with praise or a small healthy treat every time he obeys.

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