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Paperanian pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Paperanian dog

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Owning a Paperanian pros and cons

Paperanian pros and cons What are the pros and cons of owning a Paperanian dog? Paperanians are hybrid dogs that were developed by crossing a Pomeranian and Papillon breeds. While it is easier to predict an appearance and temperament of a full grown purebred dog, there's always an uncertainty in regards to what physical and character traits the Paperanian dog will inherit from parent breeds.

Paperanians are quickly rising in popularity among dog owners for many reasons. Small, convenient size of the Paperanian dog can be a big advantage for people who live in cities or don't have a large living space. Papillon Pomeranian mix dogs are adaptable and can live in an array of living situations, including apartments, condos and private homes. Paperanian dogs don't require vigorous exercise every single day. A few daily walks to keep your pet in good physical shape work great when combined with some playtime indoors or outdoors. Average exercise needs make Paperanians convenient pets for older people, adults of any age and for families with older kids. Paperanians are not suitable for families with young children because the small dog is too fragile and may be easily hurt while playing with small children that may treat the dog as a toy. Parents should always supervise their young kids around Papillon-Pomeranian mix dogs and teach kids to be gentle with the family's pet.

The cons of owning a Paperanian is that this dog is not suitable for families who are not at home during the day. Working families where the dog will stay alone most of the day waiting for his people to come from a long day at work are not suitable owners for this companion pet that needs to spend a lot of time every single day with his people. Some Paperanians may be prone to separation anxiety and if left alone often they may develop various behavior problems that can be challenging to overcome.

Excessive barking is one of the cons to owning a Papillon Pomeranian mix dog. Paperanians may bark for a variety of reasons, including separation anxiety, loneliness, boredom, something unusual happening around or the dog just wants to bark to enjoy the sound of his voice. Dealing with excessive barking behavior may require owner's patience and proper training that helps to keep the amount of barking under control. Not everyone is convinced that barking in itself is a behavior problem and some Paperanian owners actually see barking as one of the benefits of owning a Paperanian dog. Barking at strangers approaching their home can be considered a great quality in a dog because the dog is notifying the owners of new visitors. Paperanians can be excellent watchdogs, letting you know that there's something happening that requires your immediate attention, which is a positive.

Is Paperanian high maintenance? Paperanians that inherited the double coat of Pomeranian parent may require more extensive grooming which can be a con for potential owners who are not prepared to spend a lot of time on grooming a Paperanian or a lot of money on expensive trips to the professional dog groomers. Grooming needs of Paperanians include frequent brushing to remove any dead hair and to minimize the amount of shedding. Brushing also helps to keep the coat free from mats and tangles. Some Paperanian owners choose to trim their dog's coat to make maintenance easier and also to help the dog stay cooler during hot weather. There's quite a bit of maintenance required with Paperanians and that may be considered as a con to owning a Paperanian dog.

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Are Paperanians easy to train? While Papillon dogs are among the easiest small dog breeds to train, Pomeranians can be independent minded and stubborn during training. When crossing these breeds, the offspring Paperanian dog may inherit the temperament of either one of these parent breeds, making it difficult to predict whether the dog will be easy to train like the Papillon or challenging to train, like the Pomeranian parent. In any case, it is possible to achieve good training results with Paperanians by consistent and positive motivation training approach. Housetraining a Paperanian may take a few weeks and indoor dog potty systems designed for small dogs such as Klean Paws indoor dog potty are ideal for Paperanian dogs.

Are Paperanian dogs aggressive? Some Paperanians that did not receive sufficient socialization as puppies may be aloof with strangers while well-socialized Paperanians may be very comfortable and even friendly in presence of unfamiliar people.

Pros of a Paperanian

Paperanians are small in size, which makes this dog easy to carry
Paperanian is elegant and fine-boned
Papillon Pomeranian mix dog is graceful and light-footed
Paperanian features a lovely fluffy coat that has striking colors
Paperanian's temperament is playful and lively
Paperanians are intelligent dogs
Most Paperanians who received plenty of socialiation as pups are polite with visitors

Cons of a Paperanian

Paperanians may inherit a stubborn temperament from the Pomeranian dog that makes him challenging to train
Paperanians are very fragile, which is a con
Some Paperanians may be timid and suspicious when not sufficiently socialized during puppyhood
Paperanians need regular combing on their heavily fringed legs and ears to avoid matting
Paperanian dogs are not ideal for families with very young kids
Some Paperanians may have behavior problems such as excessive barking, which can be a disadvantage

Paperanian health problems

Designer breeds such as the Papillon Pomeranian mix dogs are assumed to suffer from fewer health problems and genetic issues than their purebred counterparts. There could be some truth in this, especially for the case of congenital issues, but it doesn't entirely mean that crossbreed dogs such as the Paperanian are guaranteed to live 100% healthy lives. Although considered a robust dog breed, the Papillon Pomeranian mix can inherit a few health problems. When it comes to congenital health issues, here are some of the major concerns to look out for and include the following

Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Von Willebrand's Disease

You also need to pay close attention to oral hygiene to your Paperanian. The Papillons and Pomeranians are tiny dogs that are susceptible to plaque buildup and teeth loss during the early stages. You need to help your little pooch by providing frequent dental treats, plaque removal and routine brushing of the dog's teeth. Here are other health issues that Paperanians can possibly inherit

Low Thyroid
Congestive Heart Failure
Collapsing Tracheas
Hip Dysplasia Or Elbow Dysplasia
Alopecia X (Black Skin Disease)

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