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Owning an Aussiepom dog positives and negatives

Aussiepom pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning an Aussiepom dog

Aussiepom health issues

Owning an Aussiepom pros and cons

Aussiepom pros and cons What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to owning an Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mix, otherwise known as Aussiepom? If you are considering getting an Aussiepom dog, there are some pros and cons to consider. Some of the pros of Aussie Pom include the dog's high intelligence - Australian Shepherds are among the smartest dog breeds and being an Assie's offspring gives Aussiepoms an advantage of inheriting the bright mind. In addition to being very smart, Aussiepoms are active and playful, which makes these dogs highly suitable for active families with older kids. Aussiepoms are sociable and confident in temperament and in most cases respond well to positive training techniques. While Australian Shepherds are generally easy to train, Pomeranians may show stubbornness and unwillingness to follow commands - they are more independent minded dogs and puppies that result from the mix may inherit not only the high intelligence but also the stubborn streak which may contribute to challenges during training with some Aussiepoms. Hybrid dogs such as Aussiepoms may inherit various temperament traits in different proportions from both parent breeds, making it difficult to predict the temperament of the adult Aussiepom until the dog is full grown. By observing Aussiepom pups and their behavior in different situations it is possible to estimate the dog's personality to some degree.

Aussiepom dogs are versatile in sizes because Australian Shepherds come in three sizes, from standard to miniature to toy and depending on which type is one of the parents of your Aussie-Pom, the dog's size may vary from toy to medium size. Different size ranges of this hybrid are a positive as potential owners have a choice between getting a smaller or larger dog, depending on their living environment. Larger dogs usually require more living space than smaller dogs. Smaller Aussiepoms may be easier to manage as they are easier to walk and the convenient size makes it easier to travel with a smaller Aussiepom type.

While Aussiepoms have many good qualities, there may be some challenges associated with this hybrid dog. Some of the cons to owning an Aussiepom include the dog's high energy - Aussipoms need active owners who like long walks, hikes and enjoy engaging the dog in mental and physical activities that help to keep the dog busy and in good behavior. This high energy dog may not be suitable for people who consider themselves couch potatos or don't have the time to take the dog for a nice long walk every day.

Other challenges of owning an Aussiepom involve the environment - this vocal and energetic dog is not ideal for apartment living and needs a home with a fenced yard where the dog can get some exercise and use up some energy in a healthy way. Aussiepoms like to bark and may make plenty of noise during the day which is yet another reason why Australian Shepherd Pomeranian cross dogs are not suitable for apartments where neighbors may not appreciate loud barking sounds coming from your apartment from time to time. While Aussiepoms may not be very good neighbors, they make responsible watchdogs and often will let you know of any strangers approaching your home by barking.

Are Aussiepoms easy to care for? Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dogs have high grooming needs as the abundant double coat produces a significant amount of shedding 365 days per year and owners need to brush this dog often to remove the loose hair and prevent mats from forming. Dogs that shed a lot like Aussiepoms may be more demanding than low shedding breeds in terms of coat maintenance and add to the housework for the owners as the dog's hair will be scattered around your home and furniture. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner to help maintain a home that is mostly free from the dog's hair may be in order if you are considering getting an Aussiepom dog.

Hertzko Deshedding Tool, for example, can help to reduce the amount of shedding when used regularly. Managing Aussiepom's shedding doesn't need to be complicated as long as you have the right tools for the job.

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Pros of an Aussiepom

Aussiepom dogs are highly intelligent
Aussie Poms are extremely cute
Australian Shepherd Pom mix dogs are constantly playful
Very loyal
Pomeranian and Aussie mix dogs are often easy to train
Aussiepoms are affectionate
Aussie-Pom dogs tend to get along well with children and other pets especially when raised together

Cons of an Aussiepom

Aussiepoms can be bossy especially with the lack of adequate obedience training
Some Aussie Poms are likely to suffer from Small dog syndrome
Count on your Aussiepom to shed constantly
Some Aussiepoms may have serious health problems
Aussiepoms are highly active and require daily exercise
Aussiepoms are prone to separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time
Training can be challenging and the process demands patience and time

Aussiepom health problems

When considering cons and pros of Aussiepom dogs, it is important to look into potential health problems associated with this hybrid. The crossbreed of standard Aussie Shepherd has hybrid vigor on their side which protects them from some inheritable ailments. For example, potential owners should be on the lookout for merle Australian Shepherds because their puppies are prone to congenital deafness.

Below are some health concerns that affect Aussie poms:

In some cases Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dogs may be susceptible to deafness
Cataracts may be an issue for some Aussiepoms
Drug sensitivity
Hip dysplasia
Detached retina
Elbow dysplasia
Nasal Solar Dermatitis
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Collie Eye Anomaly
Persistent Pupillary Membranes
Osteochondrosis Dissecans

Aussiepom Allergies
Allergies are quite common among the canine dog population and an Aussiepom is not an exception since one of his parents the Australian Shepherd belongs to this group. Normally, some dogs can be allergic to practically anything ranging from pollen, trees, house dust mites, fleas, food, and even mold. Due to this, your Aussiepom dog may exhibit symptoms including chronic ear and skin infections, itchiness, runny eyes, gastrointestinal upset and sneezing.

Once identified, it's recommended that your vet runs tests identify the cause of the allergy which can then be avoided. If your dog is allergic to food only, then it's advisable to change the diet to a hypoallergenic diet or identify which ingredients your dog is allergic to and avoid dog foods that contain these ingredients. In a similar way, if your dog is allergic to fleas, then an anti-parasite medication will do well in that area. However, there are circumstances that are unavoidable such as allergies from pollen or grass, since the dog has to just move around.

Aussiepom dog essentials

In some cases, injections are available to Aussiepoms that are prone to allergies which reduces symptoms over time, but dog owners don't really prefer this treatment. This is because the dog will still inhibit flare-ups all his life and will still need medication to control the symptoms.

Aussie Pom dog

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