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Aussie Pom (Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix)

Aussiepom dog imageWhat is an Aussiepom? Aussiepom is a hybrid between a purebred Pomeranian and an Australian Shepherd. With their remarkable looks, Aussiepom's face resembles that of the Australian Shepherd and the blown-out hair resembles that of the Pomeranians. Aussiepoms come in different sizes since the Australian Shepherd parent may be standard size, miniature size or toy size. Although Australian Shepherd Pom mix dogs are still very new to the designer dog club, they are becoming popular fast. The Aussie-Pom, however, inherited great character traits from both their parent breeds including being affectionate, active and fun-loving.

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Potential dog owners should keep in mind that the size used to produce the Aussiepom really matters a big deal in regards to what this dog can do. The standard sized Australian Shepherd dogs are raised for harder jobs such as herding cattle in the dusty and dry areas of the middle and western United States. On the other hand, the cute and small-sized Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dogs are not fit for the harsh environments but are rather good companions. Aussiepoms make great watchdogs regardless of their size. However, as a first-time dog owner, keep in mind that Aussiepoms need to start getting obedience training from early puppyhood since these dogs can be a handful.

In spite of being small and adorable Aussiepoms have a lot of energy and do best with active owners who can spend lots of time walking and exercising with the dog. Aussie Pom mix dog's temperament may vary greatly even in puppies born in the same litter due to the fact that their parents are different breeds which makes it difficult to predict the temperament of the offspring. Aussie Poms make great pet companions for energetic individuals or households with older children. Aussiepom dogs enjoy running around with the kids and some dogs may show a strong herding instinct and may try to herd kids or other pets in the household.

Aussiepom Life Expectancy

What is the average lifespan of Aussiepom dog? The Aussiepom dogs tend to have a relatively long average life span of 12 to 15 years. But for your Aussiepom to enjoy a long and healthy lifetime, you need to be keen on the dog's health, diet and overall well-being by giving the required care as advised by your vet and breeder.

Aussiepom Sizes

Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dogs fall between certain size limits when it comes to both height and weight. Since Australian Shepherds come in three different sizes, the offspring of Aussie and Pomeranian dogs may feature very different size ranges. Australian Shepherd Pomeranian dogs may reach from 10 to 30 pounds in weight while their height will vary between 12 to 17 inches. Male Ausipoms tend to be bigger in size than females. Sizes of Ausiepoms depend on the Pomeranian dog being bred with a toy, standard or miniature Australian Shepherd dog.

Toy Aussiepoms can range between 10 to 12 inches tall while the weight ranges between 8 to 12 pounds. Owing to the fact that Teacups are smaller, they weigh between 4 to 8 pounds while their height is 8 to 10 inches. Mini Aussiepoms are larger than Toy Aussiepoms since they weigh between 15 to 35 pounds while their height ranges between 13 to 18 inches.

Aussiepom Size Variations
These hybrid dogs exist in a variety of sizes. There are Aussie Pom sizes that are easier to find while others are difficult. The likes of miniature Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is easy to find. On the other hand, the Toy and the Teacup Aussie Pomeranian mix dogs are difficult to find. The smaller Aussiepom dogs tend to be more expensive and also are prone to many health issues due to their small size. Naturally, the Australian Shepherd dogs are perceived to be bigger dogs. Downsizing them to have Teacups, Minis and Toys is an idea that many dog breeders don't find pleasing. Owners should be careful around smaller Aussiepom dogs not to accidentally step or sit on a tiny pup.

Aussiepom Temperament

The appearance of an Aussiepom differs from one dog to the other. Aussiepom temperament is may show differences from one dog to another depending on the genetics inherited from the dogs' parents. The Aussiepom is very loyal and social to her owners and dislikes to be left alone for long since she gets easily bored and lonely. On such occasions if left alone an Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dog may indulge in activities you may not like. Owners should take advantage of this dog's intelligence and cognitive abilities which make Pomeranian Aussie mix dog highly trainable.

The Aussiepom dog is usually eager to please the owner. Australian Shepherd Pomeranian cross dog has the potential to be a great watchdog and will bark if something suspicious happens. Aussiepoms tend to enjoy the company of respectful children and when well-socialized can be friendly with strangers. Aussiepom makes a great family dog for families with older kids. Always supervise an Aussiepom around toddlers and young children who may unintentionally hurt the small pet.

To avoid destructive habits from developing in your Aussiepom dog, keep Pomeranian Aussie mix dog stimulated physically and mentally throughout the day. Offering more physical activities to your Aussie-Pom will surely cut down on unwanted behavior. Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix dogs are playful and enjoy playing with interactive dog toys. Playing fetch is one of their favorite activities.

Aussie-Pom Appearance

The Aussiepom in incredibly cuddly and very cute accompanied by unusual fur colors and unique markings. The size will depend on whether a toy, miniature or standard Australian shepherd was one of the parents. Aussiepom's ears may flop forwards or may stand in erect triangles. His head is wedge-shaped and has a relatively short snout. The eyes are oval, evenly spaced and may be brown or blue.

Aussiepom's mouth is labeled smiling - a trait begotten from the Pomeranian parent. A majority may have a plumed curl tail, but others retain the hanging and densely furred tail or no tail at all as many Aussies naturally are born with docked tail.

Aussiepom Breed Description
The Aussiepom is a crossbred dog between two very different parents but with somewhat similar temperaments. Aussiepoms are very intelligent and require good care, patience, and diligent training. Both parents of the Aussiepom have histories of working independently to benefit humans directly and even though they know what they want they can be difficult to train at times. They need to be involved in constant activities, otherwise they may keep themselves busy doing naughty activities.

Aussie Shepherds are very vocal and they tend to bark a lot just like Pomeranians. Pomeranian dogs are not as high energy as Australian Shepherds and like to conserve their strength even as they move along all day. Australian Shepherds like to be on the move for longer periods during the day and so your Aussie Pom will need a lot of exercise every day. Ausiepoms, however, don't like to be left alone and may be prone to separation anxiety.

History of the Aussiepom
The Aussiepom name is a combination of two nicknames from the breed parents that is the Australian shepherd nicknamed Aussie and the Pomeranian nicknamed as the Pompom or the Pom. Pomeranians originated from Germany and Poland but coined from the larger dogs known as Spitz. They became popular in the early 18th centuries and were bred down to the size they are today after the contribution of Queen Victoria of England.

Australian Shepherd was bred from Collie varieties in the 19th century in the western region of the United States. The Australian Shepherd became popular in the 1950s and are suitable to work as great therapy dogs, as guide dogs, drug detectors, rescue and search workers as well as nice family pets.

In the year 1993, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. The breeders have an option of breeding either two Aussie poms or an Australian Shepherd with a Pomeranian. Since the mix is a hybrid there isn't an exact date of origin. The hybrid is rapidly gaining popularity in the United Kingdom and the United States due to its cute like features and its manageable size. The Australian Shepherds and Pomeranian are also very popular in this region. To date, the American Kennel Club does not recognize Aussiepoms as a standard breed.

Caring for your Aussiepom
To keep your dog healthy at all times, dog owners are advised to have regular visits to the dogs' vet for checkups since this will help detect any health issues as early and treat them on time. Still, the vet may recommend a care routine that will ensure your dog remains healthy. Since Aussiepoms tend to gain weight easily and have high energy levels, ensure you give your dog walk sessions each day while including active playing sessions. This will keep his weight in check and reduce the chances of health issues.

Check your Aussiepoms ears for pests or debris on a daily basis. Clean Aussiepom's ears thoroughly as advised by your vet. The dog's nails should also be trimmed regularly, they should not grow too long such that you can hear them scratching on the floor.

Maintain your Aussiepoms' oral health since his parent Pomeranian is prone to dental health issues. Ensure you brush your dog's teeth on a daily basis using canine toothpaste.

Aussie Pom Feeding
The diet of an Aussiepom should be formulated based on the size and energy of the dog. Mostly Aussie Pom diet should be formulated for a small-sized breed. If not carefully fed the dog can gain much weight from overfeeding. It's advisable to stick to a certain regular feeding schedule while avoiding to leave dog food outside during daytime. The diet will gradually change from the puppyhood stage to adulthood stage and also to other senior stages. It's recommended for the dog owner to ask the veterinarian advice regarding the dogs' health status, weight, and energy.

Is Aussiepom a Good Dog For Family?
It's the nature of Assiepoms' to be amicable and friendly to people including children and other pets. Owing to its affectionate nature, he will be more likely to be attached to his primary owner or close family members. Like his parents, the Aussiepom is a loyal watchdog and will bark if there is any cause of an alarm or if he perceives a threat. An Aussiepom who is well adapted will not be overly territorial or aggressive to your guests. He has the ability to make friends easily due to his affable nature, thus making him a great family pet. Most owners regard him as a highly trainable dog and one that responds well to discipline and especially at an early stage. They don't like being left alone for long but they, however, thrive well in active environments.
Due to their small size, the Aussiepom may get injured by overly excited kids. But this is not to say that they are not good family pets. If well trained the Aussiepom can interact with children and be an enjoyable companion pet. Teach your children how to gently approach and play with the dog.

Do not wait for long before introducing your Aussiepom to other pets in the household. Start socializing a Pomeranian Aussie dog early. They do well especially with other dogs, cats, and small children. Obedience training early on is the key to helping your dog become a well behaved family pet.

How to groom an Aussie Pom dog?

Aussiepom coats are fluffy and tend to reach a medium length just like those of both parents the Australian Shepherd and the Pomeranian. If you suffer from allergies these are not an ideal dog for you. Caring for their coat is relatively simple, since you just have to brush the coat once or twice a week while offering regular baths as well.

The coats of an Aussiepom are dictated by its parents the Pomeranian and the Australian Shepherd coats and colors. Mainly the Aussiepoms colors include:
  • Red Merle Aussiepom
  • Blue merle Aussiepom
  • Tri-color Aussiepoms
  • Brindle Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix
  • Black Aussiepom dogs
  • Tan Aussiepoms
  • White Aussie Pomeranian Mix dogs
At times they can have solid coats with tiny black and white marks here and there.

Due to their medium-length coats, Aussiepoms shed a fair amount of coat. In order to reduce the shedding, the dog owners are advised to brush the dog's coat regularly. Using a deshedding tool such as Hertzko or FURminator Brush can significantly reduce the amount of dead hair in the dog's coat.

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Since Aussiepoms have a tendency of plaque buildup, brush his teeth daily and clip the dog's nails once every couple of months.

Some Aussie Pom dog owners choose to clip coat around the dog's ears, eyes, and paws but regular styling and cutting are not usually necessary. Aussiepoms tend to be fairly tolerant to cooler weather conditions due to their abundant coats.

Aussie Pom training

Aussiepoms are intelligent and respond well to training. With positive training techniques Aussie Poms can be very cooperative. There is a specific reason why one of his parents the Australian Shepherd is used in numerous canine service jobs. Start obedience training when your Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix puppy reaches seven weeks of age. Starting early training will aid your Aussiepom to stay active, stimulated, mentally engaged and most importantly out of trouble.

Experts advise dog owners to always use positive reinforcement while training any dog including the Aussiepom. Since he strives to please you, shun raising your voice at him, and avoid projecting harsh reactions. Harsh training techniques will only discourage your dog.

Potty Training
Potty training your Aussiepom should not be a very hard task since the dog is quite intelligent and disciplined. While Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mix dogs tend to be obedient, potty training this dog may be easier than with many other breeds. Nevertheless, to obtain great results, it's recommended to start potty training your Aussiepom as early as possible when he is still a puppy. The first step is to identify a potty area for your Aussiepom outside the house.

Here are some steps to follow while potty training an Aussiepom:

Observation: Once you bring your Aussiepom puppy to the house feed him as instructed then be keen to observe his or her behavior for potty readinness. Since puppies have small bladders, your little Aussiepom will definitely show signs after some time depending on how old he is. Such will be like sniffing on the floor or going in rounds in the same area. Once you observe this, quickly rush your Pup to the designated potty area outside. Some people choose to train their Aussie Pom mix to use an indoor litter box for dogs.

Give commands: Whenever you take your dog outside to the specific elimination area, ensure to utter some command words which you will be using more often during this session such as "Go potty!"

Praise the dog: After a successful session, shower praise to your dog with selected words as you may wish. Such could include "good" or "good potty".

Rewards: After a successful pottying business, it's good to encourage your dog by rewarding him with some small healthy treats so that he can know that what he has done is a good thing.

Positive reinforcement: As a dog owner maintain positive reinforcement techniques as you are potty training your pup. Avoid yelling or shouting at the dog once you catch him on the act and in the wrong place. Instead, give a command such as "No!" to get his attention and redirect him to the rightful place outside. Clean the area thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner that eliminates any trace of dog urine smell and helps your pet to know that it's not the right place to use as a toilet.

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