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Corgi and Beagle dog breeds comparison

Beagle vs Corgi

Dog breed comparison between Corgi and Beagle. Differences and similarities between these popular companion dog breeds.

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Comparison between Corgi and Beagle breeds
Beagle vs Corgi
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Beagle vs Corgi

Welsh Corgi and Beagle are well known medium size dog breeds. There are significant differences and some similarities between Corgis and Beagles that include temperament, grooming needs, energy level and appearance. Beagle and Corgi breeds were originally developed in England for very different purposes. Beagles, for example, were mostly used as hunting dogs while Corgi proved to be excellent herding dogs and helped to drive cattle. Corgi and Beagles have distinct temperaments. Beagles were often kept in packs and had to get along with other canines. Beagles are known for their friendly attitude towards other dogs. Welsh Corgi can also be friendly towards other dogs but they tend to be more reserved with unfamiliar people or dogs in general. Corgis were responsible for keeping cattle safe and that required being less than trusting towards strange animals and people. Beagles aren't suitable as guard dogs while Corgi can be successful as watchdogs.

Beagles and Corgis make wonderful family pets for the right owners. These active breeds require a lot of exercise, both mental and physical during the day and only energetic owners who have plenty of time to spend with a dog every day and who can take the dog for long walks daily should consider either a Beagle or a Corgi. Beagles and Corgis get along with children and make fun playmates for kids who can treat a dog with respect and kindness.

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Beagles and Corgis require daily grooming that includes brushing out the dead hair. Corgi and Beagle breeds shed a lot every day and investing in a Furminator deshedding brush in addition to a good vacuum cleaner for pet owners can help to manage the heavy shedding these dogs are known for.

What are the key differences between Beagles and Corgis breeds?

Corgi and Beagle Mix (Beagi)

Beagle and Corgi mix is also known as Beagi. Beagi is a cross between Corgi and Beagle and this mix resembles both of the parent breeds. Colors of Corgi Beagle cross can vary. Beagi are typically happy, energetic and upbeat dogs that are sociable and affectionate towards their family. Corgi Beagle mix dogs often have floppy ears, just like Beagles and may have a slightly elongated body and shorter legs, similar to Corgi dogs.

Image of Beagle Corgi mix

Beagle and Corgi mix

Corgi vs Beagle: Grooming

Grooming a Corgi or Beagle daily includes brushing the dog's teeth with a canine toothpaste. Start getting the puppy accustomed to having his or her teeth brushed early on. Beagle and Corgi coat needs to be brushed daily to remove the dead hair. Beagles have floppy ears that need to be kept dry and clean to prevent ear infections, common for dogs with floppy ears. Dry the dog's ears after bath or swimming with a clean, dry towel.

Beagle vs Corgi: Lifespan

Beagles are long lived dogs with relatively few known health issues. Beagles have an average life span of 15 years, while Welsh Corgi live from 12 to 15 years on average.

Corgis vs Beagles: Size

When comparing Beagle breed to Corgi, keep in mind that there are two types of Welsh Corgi that differ in size. Cardigan Corgi, for example is larger and heavier than Pembroke Corgi. See below for detailed comparison chart between Beagles and Corgi varieties.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Female weight: 24 to 33 lb (10 to 15 kg)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Male weight: 31 to 37 lb (14 to 17 kg)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi height: 10 to 13 inches (25 to 33 cm)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female weight: 22 to 29 lb (10 to 13 kg)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Male weight: 22 to 33 lb (10 to 15 kg)
Pembroke Welsh Corgi height: 8.9 to 12 inches(23 to 30 cm)

Beagle male weight: 22 to 25 lb (10 to 11 kg)
Beagle male height: 13 to 16 in (33 to 41 cm)

Beagle vs Corgi: Shedding

Do Beagles or Corgi shed more? If you ask a Corgi owner, be prepared to hear that Corgi sheds more, and you may hear a similar answer from a Beagle breed owner. These breeds shed a lot and require daily brushing to manage the heavy shedding. Use a Furminator deshedding tool outdoors to brush either a Corgi or a Beagle and to remove the dead hair. Brushing the dog outdoors makes clean up much easier. Owners of Beagles or Corgis need a good vacuum cleaner at home to keep the furniture and floors clean from the dog's hair.

Corgi compared to Beagle: Price

Welsh Corgi prices start at around $300 per puppy while Beagle puppy prices start at $800.

Beagles vs Corgis: Temperament

Corgi and Beagle breeds are active, upbeat and confident. Beagles, just like Corgi can be stubborn at times. Both breeds enjoy physical and mental stimulation. Beagles tend to be sociable and friendly while Corgi often take longer time to establish friendships with new people in their lives. Beagles and Corgis are playful and always busy. Beagles are natural scent hounds with a very well developed sense of smell. During walks, Beagles tend to find an interesting smell and try to follow it. Beagles can be difficult to recall because they are so focused on exploring the environment and pursuing interesting scents. They see the world through their nose. Corgi dogs are alert and many still have a strong herding instinct. Some Corgis may even try to herd chicken or even kids by nipping on their heels. This behavior needs to be corrected early on.

Corgi vs. Beagle: Country of breed origin

Corgis and Beagles were developed in Great Britain.

Good with kids: Beagles compared to Welsh Corgis

Corgis and Beagles make fun and kid friendly family dogs. Beagles and Corgis have endless energy that needs to be channeled in a positive direction, for example, playtime with children. Children should never be burdened with a full responsibility of caring for a family pet. That's a job fit for a responsible adult who won't forget to feed and walk the dog. Dogs can get sick and only an adult would be able to provide the care that a pet may need during such time. Also, kids need to be taught to be respectful to the family pet and should leave the dog alone when the pet is eating or sleeping. Adults need to teach kids how to properly handle a Beagle or a Corgi.

Beagles vs Corgis: Companion dogs

Beagles and Corgis are excellent companion pets for active families and adults of all ages who have the time for long walks with an energetic four legged friend. Corgis and Beagles need an owner who can provide the dog with mental and physical activities, has the patience to train a stubborn dog and lots of attention and affection to shower the companion pet with. In return, a Beagle or a Corgi can be a fun, loyal and loving companion that brings many happy moments to their family.

Good with other dogs: Beagle versus Corgie

Beagles are friendly and typically nonaggressive towards other dogs. Corgies, especially males, may exhibit aggression towards other male dogs. Socializing a Corgi or a Beagle starting at a young age helps to raise a confident and well adjusted dog that feels secure around other dogs.

Beagles and Corgies compared: Intelligence

Corgies and Beagles are intelligent dogs that really enjoy mental stimulation. Owners of either a Corgi or a Beagle can use interactive dog toys to stimulate their dog's mind. Interactive dog toys and treat dispenser toys keep a Beagle or a Corgi busy and entertained.

Difference between Corgi and Beagle: Trainability

Although Beagles and Corgis learn quickly, these independent minded dogs may be challenging during training. With Beagles, getting the dog's attention can be difficult. Using small treats during training can help to keep the dog's attention on the training session. Always start first training sessions in a quiet environment with no distractions to help the dog focus. Corgi can successfully learn obedience commands, but require owner's dedication and patience. Keep training sessions short and positive to reach desired results sooner. Obedience training should begin while a Corgi or a Beagle is still a puppy as puppies are less stubborn than full grown dogs. Older dogs can also be successfully trained, but often require more time and patience.

Beagle vs Welsh Corgi: Barking

Love for barking is one of the similarities between Corgi and Beagle breeds. Both of these breeds tend to bark more than average, which may present challenges for apartment dogs. Not all neighbors appreciate having a loud dog as a neighbor and some Beagle and Corgi owners choose to train their pets to stop barking on command. Potential owners need to be award of the fact that Beagles and Corgis enjoy the sound of their voices. Dogs bark for different reasons that can range from boredom to asking for food or attention, or letting the owners know of a stranger approaching.

Corgi vs Beagle: Exercise needs

Corgi and Beagles have lots of energy and stamina - the right combination for long walks. These active breeds are suitable for energetic owners who can keep up with these dogs and can provide them with enough daily activities to channel the dog's energy in a positive direction. Corgi and Beagles are more suitable for owners who have a home with a fenced yard, where the dog can use up some of the energy by running and exploring the environment. Beagles or Corgi who live in an apartment need at least an hour of walking during the day to stay mentally and physically fit.

Health issues: Beagle vs Corgi

Beagles are generally healthy dogs. Due to floppy ears, Beagles may be more prone to getting ear infections. Keeping ears dry after a bath or a swim is important to prevent ear infections. Corgi are susceptible to certain eye problems, arthritis and joint problems. The elongated Corgi back is also sensitive. Corgi should avoid jumping on tall furniture or going up and down steep stairs to prevent falls that may trigger serious back problems. Some Corgi owners get pet stairs to make it easier for Corgi to get on a couch or any other furniture.

Beagles, just like Corgi really love to eat. Owners need to be careful and shouldn't let the pet get overweight. Providing a Corgi or a Beagle with enough daily exercise and maintaining healthy weight is important for the dog's overall health.

Corgi versus Beagle: Dog behavior issues

Dog behavior problems often begin when the dog is left alone frequently. A bored Corgi or Beagle will look for a way to keep themselves busy, which may mean the dog will chew on things he or she can find around the home. Some dogs start excessive barking or howling when they are feeling lonely. Always give a dog a long walk prior to leaving the pet alone for any period of time. Leave some toys for the dog to stay busy while you are not around. These measures help to keep the dog relaxed and busy while you are not there to supervise the pet. Potential Corgi and Beagle owners need to be aware of the fact that these breeds are high energy and need owners around most of the time. Exercise and playtime help to keep these dogs happy and help prevent behavior problems associated with boredom and loneliness.

Beagles compared to Corgis: Popularity

Beagles are among the most popular breeds in the United Stats and take 6th place in popularity ratings.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi ranks 18 of 193 in popularity ratings.
Cardigan Welsh Corgi ranks 69 of 193 in popularity ratings in the United States.

Difference between Beagles and Welsh Corgi: Loyalty to the owner

Beagles and Corgis love their families and enjoy being included in all family activities. Both breeds are playful and sociable with their owners and make great companion pets for active owners.

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