- French Bulldog vs Corgi
Corgi versus French Bulldog

French Bulldog vs Corgi

Dog breed comparison between Corgi and French Bulldog. Differences and similarities between these small companion dog breeds.

Difference between French Bulldog and Corgi

French Bulldog Corgi mix

Corgi vs French Bulldog grooming

French Bulldog vs Corgi lifespan

French Bulldog vs Corgi size

French Bulldog vs Corgi shedding

Corgi vs French Bulldog price

French Bulldog vs Corgi temperament

Frenchies vs Corgis origin

Corgi vs French Bulldog good with kids

Corgi versus Frenchie companion dogs

French Bulldog versus Corgi with other dogs

Corgi vs French Bulldog intelligence

Corgi vs French Bulldog trainability

Corgi compared to French Bulldog barking

Corgi versus French Bulldog exercise needs

Difference between Corgis and French Bulldogs health issues

French Bulldogs vs Corgis behavior problems

French Bulldog vs. Corgi popularity

French Bulldog versus Corgi loyalty to the owner

Corgi vs French Bulldog
Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Comparison between Corgi and French Bulldog breeds
French Bulldog vs Pug
French Bulldog pros and cons

French Bulldog vs Corgi

When comparing a French Bulldog to Pembroke Welsh Corgi, there are many differences between these small companion dog breeds. Not only do Corgis and Frenchies have a different appearance, other distinctions between these breeds include temperament, size, energy level, grooming needs and more.

French Bulldogs have a short coat that doesn't produce much shedding, while Corgis have a longer coat that produces a more noticeable shedding. Grooming needs of French Bulldogs and Welsh Corgis are rather reasonable. Brushing a French Bulldog or a Corgi once every few days helps to remove the dead hair and to keep the coat healthy. French Bulldogs have skin folds around their face that also need to be cleaned daily to keep these areas free from dirt and bacteria that may cause irritation or skin infections if neglected.

The temperaments of French Bulldogs and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are strikingly different. While Frenchies are calm, low energy and quiet dogs that can be happy with a few daily walks and some indoor playtime, Corgis are complete opposites. Welsh Corgis were originally developed as herding dogs that helped to drive livestock by nipping cow's heels to keep them moving. To succeed as herding dogs, Corgis needed to have lots of energy, ability to make independent decisions and to be a good watchdog. These characteristics are still present in Corgis. Welsh Corgis have an easily excitable temperament, Welsh Corgis are loud dogs that like to bark, unlike Frenchies and they need to burn a lot of energy every single day. French Bulldogs, in comparison to Corgis, are brachycephalic and the short snout often means breathing problems that make this breed unsuitable for activities that involve lots of running.

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As pet companions, French Bulldogs are more suitable for less active owners who don't want to walk for miles every day. Corgis, on the other hand, need an energetic owner who can provide the pet with plenty of exercise every day. While French Bulldogs don't bark much and can comfortably live in an apartment, Welsh Corgis need a home preferably with a fenced yard, where the active small breed can burn some energy. Welsh Corgis can be loud and they are energetic, which makes these small active dogs less suitable as apartment dogs in comparison to Frenchies.

French Bulldog Corgi Mix

Corgi and French Bulldog mix dogs have traits of the two breeds. The cross between French Bulldogs and Corgis produces dogs that carry the traits of these two very different breeds. French Bulldog Corgi mix colors can vary, as Corgis and Frenchies have many acceptable colors.

Image of Welsh Corgi and French Bulldog mix.

French Bulldog Corgi mix

Corgi French Bulldog mix dogs can reach up to 28 pounds in weight and up to 12 inches in height.

French Bulldog vs Corgi: Grooming

Corgis have a longer coat than do Frenchies. Brush either a French Bulldog or a Welsh Corgi every few days to remove the dead hair from the coat. Both breeds need their teeth brushed daily with a canine toothpaste. Start brushing Corgi's and Frenchie's teeth early on to get the puppy used to this procedure from a young age. French Bulldogs have lots of skin folds around their faces and these wrinkles need to be cleaned daily to remove any dirt and bacteria that tends to accumulate there to prevent skin issues.

Corgi vs French Bulldog: Lifespan

Welsh Corgi dogs live from 11 to 13 years on average while French Bulldogs have a life expectancy from 10 to 12 years. A dog's life span depends on many factors such as overall health, care, diet, lifestyle and more.

Welsh Corgis vs French Bulldogs: Size

Comparison between Corgi and French Bulldog sizes.

Size comparison between Corgis and French Bulldogs
Welsh Corgi male weight: 20 to 26 lb (9 to 12 kg)

French Bulldog male weight: 16 to 28 lb (7 to 12 kg)

Welsh Corgi male height: 10 to 12 in (25 to 30 cm)
French Bulldog male height: up to 12 in (up to 30 cm)

While Welsh Corgis and French Bulldogs are similar in size and can reach up to 12 kg in weight and up to 30 centimeters in height.

Corgi vs French Bulldog: Shedding

Both breeds produce a moderate amount of shedding that is less noticeable in French Bulldogs because they have a shorter coat than Welsh Corgis. Regular brushing helps to remove most of the dead hair from the dog's coat and minimizes the amount of dog hair on the floor and on furniture. Brushing a Corgi or Frenchie outdoors makes clean up much easier.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi compared to French Bulldog: Price

A French Bulldog puppy prices start at $1,400. Why are French Bulldogs so expensive? One of the reasons is that Frenchies can't reproduce or give birth without the help of a veterinarian, which adds to the expenses associated with French Bulldog puppies. Prices for Corgi puppies start at around $350 and up, depending on many factors such as the dog's pedigree, color, age, the amount of training the dog received and more.

French Bulldogs vs Corgis: Temperament

Welsh Corgis and French Bulldogs have very different temperaments. French Bulldogs are more laid back and more quiet than Corgis. Corgi dogs are not quiet and will bark when they see a stranger approaching their home. Corgis make good watchdogs. In comparison to French Bulldogs, Corgis have a lot more energy and they are more excitable and alert than Frenchies. Corgis need their energy channeled in a positive direction to prevent behavior problems. While French Bulldogs are more relaxed and easygoing, Corgis need to stay active and busy during the day.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi vs. French Bulldog: Country of breed origin

Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed originated in Wales, United Kingdom.
French Bulldog breed was developed in England.

Both breeds were originally developed in England.

Good with kids: French Bulldogs compared to Welsh Corgis

French Bulldogs and Corgis are more suitable for older children who can treat a family pet with respect the dog deserves. For families with smaller children, French Bulldogs probably make a better choice because they are less excitable than Corgis. Some Corgis may attempt to nip kids or even adult family members by ankles, which is an instinctual behavior of this herding breed. Nipping should not be encouraged and should be stopped early on to prevent this behavior from turning into a habit. Children should be taught how to handle a family pet and should learn not to approach a family pet when the dog is sleeping or eating.

French Bulldog versus Corgi: Companion dogs

French Bulldogs are more suitable for less active families who can spend most of the time with a family pet. Frenchies are suitable companion pets for older adults and for families with sensible older kids. Welsh Corgis, in comparison to French Bulldogs, are more active and need an energetic owner who can keep the dog busy during the day by providing the dog with obedience training as well as long walks to keep this active dog happy and healthy. Both breeds need to spend most of the time with their owners. Potential owners who live in apartments may find Frenchies more suitable as they are more quiet and have lower energy level than do Corgis.

Good with other dogs: French Bulldogs compared to Welsh Corgis

French Bulldogs and Corgis need plenty of opportunities for socialization during the young age. Corgis and French Bulldogs that are well socialized get along fine with other dogs, with the exception of some male Corgis that may be aggressive towards other male dogs.

Corgis vs French Bulldogs: Intelligence

Corgis and French Bulldogs are both intelligent breeds. Herding breeds are known for their independent thinking abilities and Corgis are well known for their high intelligence and need for mental stimulation. Corgis and French Bulldogs should get plenty of mental stimulation during the day. Keeping these breeds busy with interactive dog toys and treat dispensers for dogs provides these breeds with an opportunities to use their minds and have some fun in the meantime.

Pembroke Corgi vs French Bulldog: Trainability

Corgis and Frenchies are trainable with the right motivation. Short and fun training sessions work best with either Pembrokes or French Bulldogs. Use reward-based techniques while training either of these breeds. Corgis were bred to be independent minded dogs, capable of making decisions rather than following commands. As a result Corgis may not be the easiest breed to train. French Bulldogs can be stubborn and challenging to train. Both breeds present different challenges during training but with patience and consistency can be successfully trained to follow basic obedience commands.

French Bulldogs vs Corgi dogs: Barking

French Bulldogs are quiet and bark rarely while Corgis bark a lot in comparison. Corgis are natrual watchdogs and will let the owners know of any new people approaching their territory by a loud bark.

Welsh Corgis vs French Bulldogs: Exercise needs

Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French Bulldogs have low exercise requirements and can be happy with a few daily walks around the block, combined with some indoor playtime. Avoid exercising a French Bulldog during hot or humid weather as the breed is susceptible to heat stroke due to limited ability of the dog to cool himself or herself off. Welsh Corgis, on the other hand, are very active small dogs that need long daily walks and other ways to stay busy and active. Welsh Corgis have a longer back and short legs that owners need to keep in mind while exercising a Corgi. Jumping and other high impact activities may easily cause damage to the dog's sensitive back and exercises should be low impact, for example walking is a great way to keep a Corgi active.

Welsh Corgis feature very short legs and owners who want to allow the pet to jump on a sofa or on the bed have an option of getting pet stairs to help Corgi get on the furniture without the risk of back injuries in the process.

Health issues: French Bulldogs compared to Corgis

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs that snore during sleep, often have breathing problems and are prone to overheating. Keep a Frenchie in a cool area during hot and humid weather. Both, Corgis and French Bulldogs have a sensitive back and should not be subjected to high impact exercises that involve jumping. Joint issues are common for both breeds. Keeping either a Corgi or a French Bulldog in a healthy weight helps to avoid many health problems associated with dog obesity. Both breeds also may suffer from various eye problems.

Corgi versus French Bulldog: Dog behavior issues

Corgis and French Bulldogs are companion breeds that need to be around owners most of the time. Leaving a companion pet alone frequently may result in various behavior problems. Dog behavior problems may also stem from lack for socialization during puppyhood. Corgis, for example, may be more aggressive towards other male dogs. Sufficient socialization combined with good care and obedience training helps to raise a well behaved family dog, regardless of the breed. The more active a dog is, the more physical activities during the day the owners should be able to provide in order to keep the pet well balanced. The excessive energy needs a healthy outlet, such as long walks or playtime in the yard. Frenchies are less energetic than Corgis and may be easier to manage for less energetic owners. Corgis are active and full of energy that needs to be spent in order to prevent any undesirable behaviors. If you must leave a dog a lone for a couple of hours, be sure to give the dog a good walk to tire the pet before leaving.

This way a Frenchie or Corgi is likely to relax while you are not around to supervise the pet. Also, leave something for the dog to do. For example, leaving some treat dispenser toys or safe chewable toys can keep the dog busy for some time. Potential owners of either a French Bulldog or Corgi breeds need to be able to spend most of the time with the family pet.

French Bulldogs compared to Corgis: Popularity

French Bulldogs are among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the United States and take 6th place in popularity ranking, according to AKC. Corgis are also popular in the United States and take the 18th place of 193 total. French Bulldogs are more popular in the United States than Corgis.

Difference between French Bulldogs and Corgis: Loyalty to the owner

Corgi and French Bulldog are loyal and affectionate towards their owners. These breeds love nothing more than spending time with their families.
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