- Pug vs French Bulldog
French Bulldog versus Pug

Pug vs French Bulldog

Dog breed comparison between Pug and French Bulldog. Differences and similarities between these small companion dog breeds.

Difference between a Pug and a French Bulldog

Pug and French Bulldog mix

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Pug vs French Bulldog size

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French Bulldog vs Pug temperament

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Pug versus Frenchie companion dogs

French Bulldog versus Pug with other dogs

Pug vs French Bulldog intelligence

Pug vs French Bulldog trainability

Pug compared to French Bulldog barking

Pug versus French Bulldog exercise needs

Difference between Pugs and French Bulldogs health issues

Pugs vs French Bulldogs behavior problems

Frenchies vs Pugs origin

French Bulldog vs. Pug popularity

French Bulldog versus Pug loyalty to the owner

Pug vs French Bulldog
Pug dog pros and cons

Comparison between Pug and French Bulldog breeds
French Bulldog vs Pug
French Bulldog pros and cons

French Bulldog vs Pug

Pugs and French Bulldogs are small companion dog breeds. There are many similarities between Pugs and French Bulldogs. For example, a Pug and a Frenchie have a short snout and are known as brachycephalic dog breeds. Brachycephalic breeds are banned by many airlines because these breeds do not adjust well to air temperature fluctuations during flights. Pugs and French Bulldogs make wonderful companions for any type of family - these dogs are great for seniors and for families with older kids. Pugs and French Bulldogs can also be happy with a single owner as long as the dog gets to spend most of the time with the owner. Pugs and French Bulldogs require minimal exercise and are popular small dogs for apartments. What makes Pugs and French Bulldogs similar and what are the key differences between the two popular breeds?

While Pugs and French Bulldogs both make good apartment dogs, in comparison to Pugs, French Bulldogs are more quiet. Both breeds can be difficult to train because of the stubborn temperament. Frenchies and Pugs can learn basic obedience commands but the owners need to be patient and consistent to reach good results. Start obedience training early, while the Pug or Frenchie are still young and more flexible. Pugs as well as French Bulldogs make good pets for people who can spend most of the time with their animal companion. Retirees, single people and married couples with older children who can appreciate a dog with a sense of humor can consider either of these breeds. As long as a Pug or French Bulldog can spend most of the day with the owners, these breeds are happy in most living conditions. Pugs and French Bulldogs like to get lots of attention from the owners.

Pugs and Frenchies have reasonable exercise requirements. Brachycephalic Pugs and French Bulldogs are sensitive to extreme temperatures and should not be exercised during hot or humid weather to prevent heat stroke. Several daily walks combined with some indoor playtime helps to keep Pugs and French Bulldogs active and healthy. Avoid overfeeding these breeds as overweight dogs suffer from various health issues that can be avoided with a healthy diet and staying active. Potential Pug and French Bulldog owners should know that these breeds may have breathing problems and snoring during sleep is common for these small dogs.

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When comparing Pugs to French Bulldogs, grooming needs of these breeds are slightly different. While both, French Bulldogs and Pugs need regular brushing, Pugs shed significantly more than French Bulldogs. Regular brushing helps to remove most of the dead hair from the dog's coat. Since Pugs shed a lot, it is a good idea to brush a Pug outdoors to make clean up easier. Grooming routine for brachycephalic breeds such as Pugs or French Bulldogs should include cleaning the facial folds that tend to harbor dirt and bacteria. Ignoring these areas may result in various skin issues for both breeds.

One of the similarities in appearance that is easy to notice between Pugs and French Bulldogs is that these small dog breeds are both brachycephalic and feature short snouts. Potential Pug or Frenchie owners need to be aware that brachycephalic dogs such as Pugs or Frenchies may not be allowed by many airlines since both of these breeds may have trouble regulating body temperature during flight due to their short snouts. During warm and humid weather Pugs just like French Bulldogs should be kept in cool area where the dog is comfortable. One of the similarities between Pugs and Frenchies is that these dogs are prone to getting a heat stroke during warmer months and owners need to be extra careful not to leave their pets alone in a car. Wheezing and snoring are common in Pugs as well as in French Bulldogs. Both of these dog breeds are sensitive to hot and cold weather and owners need to take precautions to keep their pets healthy and safe.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs: Size

Which breed is larger in size - Pug or French Bulldog? Pugs weigh up to 20 pounds while French Bulldogs weigh up to 28 pounds. See below for comparison between Pug and French Bulldog sizes.

Pug male weight: 13 to 20 lb (5.8 to 9 kg)

French Bulldog male weight: 16 to 28 lb (7 to 12 kg)

Pug male height: 12 to 14 in (30 to 35 cm)
French Bulldog male height: up to 12 in (up to 30 cm) While Pugs may appear taller than Frenchies, French Bulldogs are more massive and weigh a few pounds more on average when compared to smaller Pug dogs.

Pug and French Bulldog Mix dog image (French Pug)

Pug and French Bulldog mix dogs have traits of the two breeds. The colors of French Bulldog and Pug mix puppy can vary because French Bulldogs have many different color combinations and Pugs have two acceptable colors. Physical traits of French Bulldog and Pug mix dogs can resemble either of the parents, or a bit of both of these small dog breeds.

Image of Pug and French Bulldog mix.

French Bulldog and Pug mix

Pug vs French Bulldog: Grooming

Pugs and French Bulldogs have a short coat. Both breeds do shed, but Pugs have a more abundant shedding than do French Bulldogs. Besides brushing your pet to remove the dead hair, Pugs and French Bulldogs need to have their wrinkles cleaned daily to remove any dirt that tends to accumulate in the facial folds of both of these dogs. Leaving these areas unattended can result in skin irritation or various infections that can cause significant discomfort to Pugs or Frenchies.

Best brush for Pug

Pug vs French Bulldog: Lifespan

Pugs have a longer lifespan than do French Bulldogs. Pugs live from 12 to 15 years on average. French Bulldogs live from 10 to 12 years on average. Many factors can affect a dog's life span, including overall health, care, diet, lifestyle and other factors.

Pug vs French Bulldog: Shedding

Pugs shed significantly more than do French Bulldogs. Pugs need to be brushed daily and using a deshedding brush such as the Furminator for small breeds can remove most of the dead hair from the dog's coat. Use furminator brush on your Pug outdoors and be prepared to see a cloud of dead hair around the dog as you are brushing your pet. Brushing a Pug indoors makes the clean up a little more difficult as there will be a lot of hair around the dog when you are done. French Bulldogs, in comparison to Pugs, don't shed as much and only require a few brushings per week to keep the shedding manageable. Investing in a good deshedding dog brush for dogs with short coat can make a big difference in the amount of shedded hair that you will notice around your home. The key is to use the deshedding tool often and remove the dead hair from either a Pug or a Frenchie before it ends up on the floor or on your furniture. During which time of the year do Pugs and Frenchies produce more shedding? Usually dogs shed more during spring and during fall seasons, although year round shedding can be expected from both of these small dog breeds.

Pug compared to French Bulldog: Price

French Bulldogs cost more than Pugs on average. Price for a Pug puppy is around a $1,000 while cost of a French Bulldog puppy is around $1,400. Why are French Bulldogs so expensive in comparison to Pugs? French Bulldog breeders explain that one of the reasons is that Frenchies can't reproduce or give birth without the help of a veterinarian, which adds to the expenses associated with French Bulldog puppies.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs: Temperament

Pug or French Bulldog personality is more family-friendly? While Pugs and Frenchies are both family friendly dog breeds, French Bulldogs tend to be more laid back than more active Pugs. Although both breeds do not require much physical activity, Pugs are more energetic and lively, while French Bulldogs have a more relaxed attitude. Both breeds make great apartment dogs and are very popular in cities. Pugs and French Bulldogs tend to be friendly towards strangers. Frenchies and Pugs are affectionate towards their owners and usually sociable with strangers. A well-socialized Pug or French Bulldog will quickly get along with unfamiliar people as well as with other dogs.

In temperament, Pugs and French Bulldogs can be playful and affectionate but also can be stubborn and difficult to train. These breeds need patient owners who can bring the most of their small but stubborn pets by using positive motivation techniques such as praise, playtime or food. Pugs and Frenchies love to eat and food is a strong motivation that usually works for both of these obstinate breeds.

Good with kids: Pugs vs French Bulldogs

Pugs and French Bulldogs make wonderful family dogs. A Pug and a French Bulldog are appropriate for older kids that can treat the dog with respect. Children should be taught how to behave around a dog. For example, a dog should not be approached when he is eating or sleeping.

French Bulldogs vs Pugs: Companion dogs

Pugs and French Bulldogs make entertaining companion dogs. Mischievous Pugs are more active in comparison to Frenchies. Compared to Pugs, French Bulldogs are more laid back and relaxed. Retirees, single people and families with older kids make ideal owners for Pugs and French Bulldogs. Friendly and affectionate towards their families French Bulldogs and Pugs are demanding in terms of attention. While Pugs and Frenchies have a lot of love to give, they also need a lot of love and care to receive.

Good with other dogs: Pugs vs French Bulldogs

A Pug and a French Bulldog breeds are both good with other dogs with supervision. Level of socialization depends of each individual dog (how much time the owner spent getting the puppy comfortable around other dogs) determines how comfortable the dog is in the presence of other dogs.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs: Intelligence

Pugs and French Bulldogs are both intelligent dog breeds that are capable of learning many commands with proper motivation.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs: Trainability

Both, the Pug breed and the French Bulldog breed are trainable with the right motivation. These small companion breeds can be stubborn during training. Short and positive training sessions work best with either Pugs or French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog vs Pug: Barking

Do French Bulldogs or Pugs bark more? French Bulldogs bark significantly less than do Pugs. Because French Bulldogs are very quiet dogs, they make good apartment dogs and are very popular among apartment dwellers. Pugs tend to bark more than French Bulldogs. A strange noise coming from outside or neighbors walking up the stairs will provoke a Pug's barking.

Pugs vs French Bulldogs: Exercise needs

Which breed is more active a Pug or a French Bulldog? Pugs and French Bulldogs do not have high exercise requirements and will be happy with a few daily walks around the block to stay in good shape. Pugs and Frenchies are brachycephalic breeds that should not be exercised during hot weather. These short snouted dogs do enjoy some physical activity and mental stimulation during the day. French Bulldogs are even more lazy dogs than Pugs when it comes to exercise.

Health issues: Pugs versus French Bulldogs

Which is healthier Pug or French Bulldog? Pugs often suffer from obesity and low heat tolerance because of the short snout. Just like Pugs, French Bulldogs become overheated easily and should be kept indoors in a cool area during hot weather. Both of these breeds suffer from various breathing problems and may snore at night and during day naps.

French Bulldogs and Pugs are sensitive to anesthesia. When you are looking for a veterinarian, select the one who is experienced with brachycephalic breeds such as the Pug or French Bulldog.

Pugs are predisposed for various eye diseases. French Bulldogs may have issues with their back and should not be allowed to perform high impact exercises that involve jumping and may cause serious back problems for the Frenchie.

Pugs versus French Bulldogs: Dog behavior issues

Pugs and French Bulldogs that are left alone often and do not get much mental stimulation are prone to various behavior problems. Pugs are more active and tend to get into more trouble in general than Frenchies.

Provide the Pug or French Bulldog with a safe, chewable toy that the dog can play with while you are not around. Be sure to check the toy for any small parts that the dog can accidentally bite off and swallow.

Before leaving your Pug dog or French Bulldog home alone, be sure to give your pet a nice walk so that the dog is more likely to rest while you are away. Also, a walk will give your pet a chance to relieve himself or herself so your pup is comfortable and can wait some time for the next potty break.

French Bulldogs compared to Pugs: Popularity

French Bulldogs are among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the United states and take 6th place in popularity ranking, according to AKC. The Pug takes 32rd place in popularity ranking in the United States and is a well known breed.

Pug vs. French Bulldog: Country of breed origin

Pug breed originated in China.

French Bulldog breed was developed in England.

Difference between French Bulldogs and Pugs: Loyalty to the owner

Both of these companion breeds are happiest when spending time with their families.
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