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Owning a Maltipom dog pros and cons

Maltipom pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Maltipom dog

Maltipom health issues

Owning a Malti Pom pros and cons

Maltipom pros and cons While owning a Maltipom may seem fun and easy, there are many pros and cons of Malti Pom dog that potential owners need to be aware of prior to getting an adorable Maltese Pomeranian mix puppy. Maltipom dogs have an advantage of producing less allergens such as dander as well as less shedded hair in comparison to the Pomeranian breed and that is one of the reasons why a Maltipom dog was developed. Maltipom dog is a hybrid from Maltese and Pomeranian breeds and Maltipoms may inherit different traits in different proportions from these two dog breeds. Determining what full grown Maltipoms will look like and what their personality will be like can be almost impossible due to the mixed genetic makeup of this crossbreed. Maltipom dogs bark significantly less than do vocal Pomeranians because of the Maltese influence, which is an advantage to owning this breed especially for people who live in apartments and want a dog that doesn't produce as much barking as a Pomeranian dog.

What are other positives of owning a Maltipom dog? Maltese Pomeranian mix dogs are small in size, making this hybrid a suitable dog for apartment living. In terms of exercise, Maltipoms have an average energy level, which is another pro because the dog doesn't need hours of walking every day. Three half an hour walks every day combined with some healthy activities and playtime can keep your Maltipom dog happy and healthy. Getting enough exercise is important for every dog to stay in best physical and mental shape. Provide your small pet with some interactive dog toys or treat dispenser toys to keep Malti Pom busy.

What are other pros of owning a Malti Pom dog? A joyful temperament in combination with a convenient size makes Maltipoms attractive pets for seniors, single adults and families with older children. Maltipoms thrive when getting a lot of attention and these small dogs need to spend most of the day with their owners to stay happy. When left alone frequently and for extended periods of time, some Maltipoms may develop different behavior and psychological problems such as separation anxiety or destructive behavior. The con to owning a Maltipom is that the dog can't be left alone for long periods of time and needs a lot of interaction and time with his family every day to stay happy. People who spend most of the day at work and only spend an hour or so with the dog should consider different breeds because Maltipoms are not suitable for owners who can't allocate a significant amount of time to caring for this demanding pet.

Retirees, on the other hand, typically have plenty of time to enjoy with a small companion pet such as the Maltipom. Although owning a Maltipom presents certain challenges, the benefits of having a small companion pet far outweigh the difficulties that are associated with being a Maltipom owner. What are some of the positives for seniors who decide to get a Maltipom dog? This small dog is a wonderful weapon against loneliness and even against depression. Seniors who own pets such as the Maltipom get to enjoy the companionship, the unconditional love and happy personality of a small Malti Pom. Owning a Maltipom requires seniors to take the dog for walks, thus staying active, which is great for overall health. Maltipoms also may help to develop friendships with other pet owners, making it possible for seniors to stay socially active. Moreover, seniors who own Maltipoos have a sense of purpose and taking care of a beloved pet can trigger many positive emotions that elderly people can really appreciate.

Are Maltipoms good family pets? Families with older children can enjoy owning a Maltese Pomeranian mix dog - Maltipoms are always up for a playtime and just bring so much positive energy with them, which is yet another pro. At the same time, families with very small children (under 7 years old) may not be able to dedicate enough time to spend on caring for a Maltipom. Maltipom puppies are especially in need for being trained, socialized, potty trained and groomed as well as exercised that families with young kids may not be able to allocate the amount of time that it takes to properly care for a young Maltipom dog who is full of energy and requires almost as much care as a human child.

What are the cons of owning a Maltipom? High level of grooming needs may be seen as a disadvantage of owning a Maltipom dog. Maltipoms feature a fluffy coat that may vary in texture and length, but requires monthly trims and daily brushing to keep the Maltipom coat in best condition. People who enjoy grooming their pet daily may see this as a pro while those who are not ready to spend so much time on grooming a Maltipom may see it as a con.

Difficulties in basic training as well as potty training may be observed in Maltipom dogs, especially those who inherited the independent temperament of Pomeranian dogs. Although there may be difficulties with training Maltipoms, an owner who is patient and consistent with the training process can get good results using positive motivation methods. If you are new to dog training, check out some books on the subject and you can successfully learn how to properly train your new pet.

Another factor to consider when thinking about getting a Maltipom dog is whether you are financially ready to be responsible for a small but expensive to acquire and to keep dog? Most Maltipom dogs are healthy but if there are any health issues, veterinarian bills can add up in addition to expensive professional grooming costs. Some Maltipom owners learn to groom a Maltipom at home, avoiding spending a lot of money for grooming appointments. In many cases getting professional grooming tools and maintaining the dog's coat at home can save Maltipom owners a small fortune.

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Pros of Maltipoms

Maltese Pomeranian cross dogs produce less dander and other pet allergens in comparison to other breeds

Maltipoms bark less frequently than Pomeranians
Their size is an ideal indoor living
You don't need a yard to keep them sufficiently exercised
Malti Poms are easily exercised with a few daily walks
Maltipoms are affectionate and loving lapdogs that make great pet companions
Pomeranian Maltese mix dogs are good for playing with children as well as other pets

Cons of Maltipoms

Maltipoms need daily grooming
Maltipoms may be stubborn and are not easily trained
Maltipoms can be expensive to keep, considering costs of professional dog grooming and general expenses associated with the dog

Maltipom health problems

The Maltipom breed health varies greatly based on breeding. If the hybrid is produced from healthy parent dogs, it's likely that the resulting Maltese Pomeranian mix puppies will be healthy. Common problems in health visible in accidental poor breeds are retinal atrophy, patellar luxation, glaucoma, entropion, hypoglycemia, and hypothyroidism. Maltipoms are also susceptible to respiratory problems such as asthma.

By just looking at a Maltipom puppy, it's not easy to know what kind of hereditary issues he may have inherited from the Maltese and Pomeranian purebred parents. As such, health screening would be a plus for you to consider early on. You can also talk to your breeder for you to know the kind of possible health conditions your pup could have inherited. This will prepare you or even avoid the health issues from posing any danger to your little Maltipom.

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