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Maltipom (Pomeranian Maltese mix)

What is a Maltipom? Having originated from crossbreeding Pomeranian and Maltese, Maltipoms are small, energetic hybrid dogs that are ideal for companionship. Also known as s Pomanese or Malti-pom, the Maltipom is a designer crossbreed dog that has a small face with a stature and ears that resemble those of a Pomeranian. They are friendly and play a lot with kids and other pets, but they do tend to choose their favorite. The exercise needs of this breed are easy to meet but Maltipoms require frequent grooming. At first, Malti Poms may seem hard to train for first-time owners. But eventually, Maltese Pomeranian mix dogs will reward you with much love by just putting in some effort. Maltipoms inherit their parents' physical and temperament traits in ways that can be difficult to predict.

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Maltipom has a flowing, long coat that it has inherited from the Maltese. Depending on the parentage, the appearance of this breed varies to a large extent. Maltipom could inherit 50 or more percentage of traits from either parent. Due to their small size, Maltipoms can comfortably reside in small condos or apartments in the urban areas.

Being a fairly new designer dog breed that is just beginning to gain popularity, his parents' ancestors have quite a very great history. A common character trait common to both the Maltese and Pomeranian is being naturally gentle. Maltipom also has a high level of intelligence inherited from the Pomeranian, and he's also capable of giving a good warning by barking, which is a character trait it shares with the Maltese. Although Maltipoms fulfill the perfect purpose of being ideal family companions, they rarely get an equal amount of traits from their Maltese and Pomeranian parents.

Maltipom Size
Generally, the Maltipom weighs 3 to 9 lbs when mature with a height of 8 to 12 inches. The size of Maltipoms varies based on the percentage inherited from each of the parent breeds.

The size of purebred pups can easily be estimated in terms of weight, height, and size. You just need to look at the parents and make a guaranteed prediction. This is, however, very different when it comes to a crossbreed dog like the Maltipom. Pinpointing the exact height, weight and size of an offspring is quite difficult. This is because the resulting Maltipom could inherit different traits from each purebred parent, it will also depend on the parent traits that were favored more.

But since the Pomeranian and Maltese parents are seen as toy dogs, an adult Maltipom will also be very tiny. With the Maltese standing at 7 to 9 inches, and below 7 pounds in weight, while the Pomeranian can even be smaller to stand at 6 to 7 inches in height and weighing 3 to 7 pounds, you would expect your Maltipom's size and weight to range between 6 to 9 inches and 3 to 7 pounds as had been mentioned earlier.

Life Expectancy of a Maltipom
Among many dog breeds, the Maltipom is one of the designer crossbreed dogs that tend to enjoy quite a long lifespan. When you take care of the Maltipoms' health and feed them as you are required to, these dogs can enjoy life to 15 years or even more. So ensure to regularly take your Maltipom to the vet for checkups so that any issues can be detected early and treated.

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Maltipom Appearance
Being a designer crossbreed, each Maltipom puppy while inheriting different physical traits from their purebred Pomeranian and Maltese parents. The Maltese coat is always white, long and silky. If left to grow without trimming, it will grow long and naturally to the floor. Since they have no undercoat, their fur-like hair will portray some variation of being wavy or curly. Additionally, Maltese dogs have long tails and long ears, dark-bright eyes and a body that is proportionate. These make the Maltipoms shed less compared to other dog breeds if they favor this trait more from the Maltese.

On the other hand, Pomeranians are prone to normal shedding. They also feature faces that are fox-like with black, round eyes as well as pointed ears. They also have a lot of furs that grow from their upper neck and downwards. Pomeranians also have a double coat, with a dense and short undercoat. The outer coat is very thick and long, with an extremely plumed tail, which is a unique feature to them that is very notable.

Although the Pomeranian features typical orange color, it can also feature 24 standard color markings. Some of the most common coat colors include black, white, grey-shaded, brown and tan.

The Maltese-Pomeranian mix can feature a combination of all the above characteristics. But the Maltipoms will generally have medium or long hair, or somewhere in between, and will also maintain fluffy appearances in their entire lives.

Maltipom Breed Description
These hybrids usually inherit parents' traits in different amounts, with some looking and acting closer to the Maltese, and others favoring the Pomeranian more. Pomeranian-Maltese mix dogs are clever and amusing, and they know the perfect of sneaking into your heart. Maltipoms are intelligent, but they could be difficult to housebreak and to instruct. As such, you need to socialize and train them early enough through treats and repetition while being patient.

With a tendency to be dominant, the Maltipom dogs are friendly and social to other pets if socialization is received early enough, and this is key to enhancing harmonious relationships in a household. Maltipoms also easily accept kids' attention and are very friendly toward respectful children.

History of the Maltipom
Being a fairly recent designer crossbred dog, there's very little documentation about their history. However, their Maltese and Pomeranian parents have very rich and interesting origins. The Maltipom has always been known as mysterious or enigmatic. This is because their exact origins are not well known, but they could have existed naturally over many years that may have resulted from unplanned encounters of the Pomeranians and Maltese.

Having originated from the United States, no one, in particular, has been credited with the development of this designer crossbreed dog. It's assumed that whoever did so had the intention of creating a new breed with better traits from both the Pomeranian and Maltese purebreds.

Maltipom Pedigree
Being a 50-50 mix of the Maltese and Pomeranian, the Maltipom is well-referred as a first-generation hybrid, as litters resulting from the crossing are the first of their kind. They can vary in appearance and character even within the same litter since they inherit traits from either parent at different varied extents. Maltipoms do not have official pedigree papers from the American kennel Society since it's yet to be recognized as a pure breed.

However, with several decades of multigenerational crossings, where Maltipoms are crossed among themselves, purebred Maltipom is likely to exist. This could take a very long time though!

Maltipom Puppies
Perfectly appearing like tiny balls of fur, Maltipoms contain high energy bursts and enjoy playing a lot when they are young. Due to their tiny size, Maltipoms are very delicate and their bodies are fragile and susceptible to injuries if not well handled. You need to be careful when playing with the little Malti Pom puppies. Young children should also be supervised when playing with these little dogs, as they are fond of playing recklessly.

Although playing and cuddling could be all that you have in your mind, don't neglect to take care of your Maltipom. As soon as you get your puppy at home, start the socialization and training early on in order to prevent behavioral problems from developing. It could also be wise to consider puppy kindergartens so as to enhance your Maltipoms socialization skills as he learns obedience. This will be a plus when you start training your dog, as it will grasp your commands much easier.

Maltipom as a Watch Dog
Maltipom is certainly a very clever and perceptive little dog, and he will always notice anything happening around well before you do. Maltipom dogs are very well adapted to urban life and usually fit well into small families in any household. However, their perceptiveness doesn't mean they are protective! Their small size warrants them no effort to do anything to deter thieves or wrongdoers who may have your home as a possible target.

Maltipoms can be vocal and their barking is very high pitched. If a criminal happens to hear a high-pitched barking of a dog, he will most likely back down from executing any breakage for the fear of being easily noticed.

Although there's nothing much your Maltipom can do to a hardened criminal who is determined to break in, he will cause enough noise for you to wake up and inform the authorities of the invasion. Being small companion dogs, they are not protective dogs but alert dogs. Actually, you will protect them more than they will protect you!

Maltipoms as Perfect Family Pets
Are Maltipoms family-friendly dogs? By all accounts, the Pomeranian and Maltese mix is a hardy, easy-going and wonderful family dog. It will get along well with everyone and adapt to various home environments as well. Being a very tiny dog, it needs caution when it comes to being handled by little children. If handled recklessly, Maltipoms are prone to breakage injuries if they happen to be tossed around.

You also need to plan your time wisely, since these little adorable pooches need a lot of grooming due to the long fur. The Maltipom does not also like being left alone for long periods of time due to their affectionate nature. If this happens, he's likely to develop Small Dog Syndrome and will become aggressive. If you can set aside some time to groom this dog, and there are older children in your home who are gentle, then this is a perfect family dog you need to have!

Maltipom Diet
Your primary concerns should be choosing a healthy and well-balanced diet for your Maltipoms. Nutritious diets support your dogs' health and also improve their life quality. Luckily, Maltipoms are less complicated in feeding them, unlike other canines. They do very well on dry and high-quality dog foods. Kibble gives your dog all tasty nutrients when prepared from human-grade, natural ingredients. Since they are small-breed dogs, Maltipoms need high-quality diets formulated for their activity levels and size.

The formulas used for small-breed dogs are designed specially to meet the huge-energy requirements of active, small dogs such as the Maltipoms. For this reason, ensure not to exceed the required food dose. Overfeeding your Maltipoms will lead to an unhealthy and rapid increase in weight gain, bringing forth health issues.

How to groom a Maltipom

Are Malti Poms difficult to groom? Depending on how a Maltipom has been bred, the coat appearance of these breeds may vary to a very large extent. But generally, Maltipoms possess a flowing coat of soft and long hair. The breed is well categorized as hypoallergenic or non-shedding breed, meaning the dog could be a perfect choice for those with allergies.

For your Maltipoms to look and feel their best, they will need consistent care. Just like their parents, these cross-breeds are susceptible to dental health issues. To take care of this, ensure to schedule frequent teeth brushing as part of the regular maintenance routine.

To avoid their claws from splitting and cracking, trim them regularly to help them evade this pain. Their ears will also need to be regularly cleaned to prevent the formation of any infection.

Grooming in Maltipom breeds needs to be done regularly regardless of the coat inherited by your puppy. To make their skin remain free of knots with silky coats, ensure to do a daily brushing of your Maltipom. Always give your Maltipom a haircut to manage their upkeep more easily and to avoid matting.

Maltipom temperament

The Maltipom is known to have inherited the intelligence genes from the Pomeranian. This makes the Maltipom possible to train a few tricks as well as good behavior. Maltipoms also enjoy pleasing their owners and will bark whenever a stranger approaches your home or whenever he feels his environment isn't safe.

Being loving and good-natured, the Maltipom dog is a perfect companion pet. Malti Pom dogs will tend to show affection, especially when they are treated like a friend or family member. Maltipom dogs also have a sense of feeling such that they will not approach a stranger or even a young child who doesn't know how to handle dogs.

These dogs will also enjoy getting rid of some energy at home by running around the house from the living room to the kitchen. The only time he will need to go out is when he needs some fresh air, or relieve himself. His playful nature needs to watched when playing with little children, as he's likely to unintentionally hurt them, as he at times tends to follow his instincts rather than the training.

Characteristics of Maltipoms can vary from one puppy to the other depending on which parent was favored more. Generally, the temperament of Maltipoms is attention-loving, social and friendly, friendly and social, amusing and playful. If they are not socialized or trained early, they are likely to be bossy! To prevent them from developing the Small Dog Syndrome, endeavor to train them early enough, and don't be fooled by their affectionate deposition. Otherwise, you may end up becoming their servant in your home. If you have little kids, teach them how to respectfully and gently handle tiny puppies.

Generally, Maltipoms provide a very pleasant companion into your house and will enjoy playing with you and resting on your lap.

Maltipom potty training

How to potty train a Maltipom dog? Maltipoms are generally intelligent dogs and will not give you a hard time potty training them. This should be one of the very first lessons your pup should learn once he arrives home, as you don't want the Maltipom to use your house as a toilet. First, you have to identify a toilet area outside your house where you want the Maltipom to be relieving himself. After this is done, now it's time to get your Malti Pom puppy a resting area in the house. This is accomplished by use of a dog crate.

Get a crate that isn't too big for your dog, but just enough for your Maltipom to play a bit while inside it and also one that is portable so that you can confine your puppy in whichever room you are in order to avoid accidents. However, endeavor from keeping or jailing your dog all day in the crate, as he may develop psychological issues. Train the dog that the crate is his resting area whenever he's not feeding, playing or relieving himself. He also needs to know that his sleeping area has to be kept clean at all times.

Maltipom puppies need to pee each hour while awake and moving around due to their small bladders. When potty training your dog, ensure to maintain the Maltipom on a tight schedule. After they have eaten, played, or walked up, ensure to take them to the same spot, and reward the puppy when it potty's in that area with treats and gifts. After associating the area and 'pottying' with positive rewards, it will eventually know where it's should potty. Avoiding hitting your Maltipom for peeing in the house. Don't even rub the puppy's nose on the pee, as he will develop mistrust and the process may even take longer. If you get this dog squatting to relieve, try to disrupt the process by saying something to him softly such as, "Oh no!" and immediately take him outside. Ensure the Maltipom associates going outside with pottying, and avoid him from playing outside until he learns to avoid any confusion.

After following the right techniques, the Maltipom will eventually know he has to relieve himself at one particular area outside the house, and will always take himself there whenever he feels like doing so.

Exercising and Training your Maltipom
Although they are small breeds, these Pomeranian and Maltese cross-breed are quite active. As such, daily plays and walks around the yard ought to be sufficient for their exercise requirements. Since the pure-breed parents of the Maltipom are intelligent, you will also expect the cross-breeds to be the same, and so training them should be fairly straight forward and fun.

When training the Maltipom, endeavor to maintain a consistent schedule during the training process and use positive reinforcement techniques. Early training of obedience and socialization will be key to ensuring your Maltipom behaves accordingly and feels confident in every situation.

Maltipoms may seem to be active small dogs, but about 30 minutes of exercise each day should be sufficient for their needs. Training, short walks, enough playtime using toys and several trips to the park should keep your puppy active and happy.

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