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Owning a Morkie dog positives and negatives

Morkie pros and cons

Pros and cons of owning a Morkie dog

Morkie health issues

Owning a Morkie dog pros and cons

Morkie pros and cons What are the positives and negatives of owning a Morkie dog? Is a Morkie the right dog for me? Do Morkies have genetic health issues? It is important to know the answers to these questions before you bring home a Morkie puppy. Here is a complete Morkie dog review that will help you to make an educated decision in regards to whether this designer dog breed is the best dog for you.

Morkies are not considered to be pure breed dogs since their genetic make up comes from crossing two breeds: a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. The offspring that comes from crossing two different breeds may feature inconsistent appearance as well as temperament because different genetic pools are combined in a way that can result in unpredictable outcomes. There's little consistency in temperaments and appearances of puppies that result from mixing two different dog breeds and even puppies born in the same litter may have very distinct personalities and appearances.

What are some of the pros of owning a Morkie dog? Morkies are adorable, cute and loving. Yorktese dogs (which is just another name for a Morkie or Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix dog) are compact in size and can comfortably live in a small apartment or in a spacious house. One of the positives about owning a Morkie is that the small size of Morkie dog makes this dog suitable for living in most conditions, and as long as the dog gets to spend plenty of time with the family and is well cared for, a Morkie makes a great companion dog that can bring a lot of positive energy in your household.

Another pro about Morkie dogs is that Morkies can also be excellent watch dogs since they are typically aggressive to strangers and notify owners about anyone approaching their territory by a loud bark. Maltese and Yorkie mix dogs are affectionate and love their owners but can be cautious towards unfamiliar people.

Another advantage of owning a small-sized dog is that you can easily carry Morkies around due to their small size and relatively low weight. For people who enjoy traveling with a pet, Morkie makes a good pet choice because the dog can be transported in a convenient dog carrier.

Owning a Morkie breed has other advantages such as the dog's fun personality and playfulness that can bring a lot of joy to owners of different ages, from older children to single people and of course seniors who can truly appreciate a companion dog that keeps them active and happy. There are so many benefits that Morkies provide to their owners. Having a small and relatively active pet encourages people to stay active, which is especially important in an older age. Seniors who own a Yorktese dog are more active and less susceptible to depression and to loneliness. Having an animal companion such as the Maltese Yorkie mix helps single people and older adults to enjoy life more - who can deny that life with a dog is better than without one. Morkies give their owners yet another reason to come out and get some fresh air and with their bold temperaments Morkies can put a smile even on someone who rarely shows any emotion.

With so many pros, you may wonder if there are any cons associated with owning a Morkie dog? As with any dog, there are some challenges that most Morkie owners agree on when discussing a Morkie dog. One of the Morkie cons is the dog's desire to bark A LOT! Morkies bark for a reason and sometimes without one. What makes this small dog bark? If a Morkie notices something unusual, whether the dog hears an unusual sound coming from outside or the dog sees something that is out of ordinary, expect Morkie to notify you of that by barking. Sometimes Morkies may bark if they are feeling lonely when they are left home alone, for example. Almost all Morkies bark at strangers who may be approaching your home. In that case barking may be a good thing as the dog can serve as a mini alarm and deter people with bad intentions.

What are some other negatives about owning a Morkie? Morkies are vulnerable due to their small size and can be easily hurt by small children. Children under 9 years of age may be too young to understand how to treat a small dog with kindness and respect the small family pet deserves. Babies and toddlers who are still learning to walk may accidentally cause serious damage by falling on the small dog. In addition to being fragile, Morkies need a lot of attention and their grooming needs may be too extensive for families with small kids who may not have the time that a Morkie requires every single day. This hybrid dog is not ideal for families with young kids. Morkie dog is also not suitable for people who are at work all day long and can only spend the morning and the evening with a Maltese Yorkie dog. The dog will not be happy and various behavior and psychological problems may develop. If left alone for a long time, Morkies can develop separation anxiety that may cause the dog to be very nervous and voice his frustration through barking or by getting destructive around the house during the time that the owners aren't there. Some dogs may get aggressive or depressed when left alone frequently. Morkie is more suitable for people who can spend most of the time with the companion pet.

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Another disadvantage to Maltese Yorkie mix dogs is that they are sensitive to cold weather as the silky coat has little protection against the elements. Have a warm outfit for your pet during the cold months of the year.

For Morkies who live in an apartment, owners may choose to potty train the dog to use a Klean Paws indoor dog potty or similar indoor dog litterbox system.

How to potty train a Morkie

Morkie dogs require moderate to high grooming needs which can be a con for people who don't have the time for frequent dog grooming sessions. Not only is taking the dog to the professional groomer can be time consuming but these grooming appointments can be expensive. To help minimize financial expenses some Morkie owners decide to learn how to groom a Morkie dog at home. Grooming a Morkie at home takes some practice and after a few grooming sessions any owner can learn how to take good care of Morkie and how to trim the dog's coat so that it looks neat and highlights the dog's best traits. Watching some Morkie grooming video tutorials can really help with grooming a Morkie at home.

Morkie cons and pros condensed in a summary below.

Morkie Pros

Morkies are adorable, cute and loving - Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier Mix dogs make great companion pets.
Morkie dogs just need a little space for living and can comfortably live in a small apartment.
Yorktese dogs can also be excellent watch dogs since they are aggressive to strangers. Expect your Maltese Yorkie Mix dog to announce every new visitor.
Morkies are affectionate and love their owners. For seniors or adults of any age owning a Morkie helps to stay healthy and happy.
You can carry Morkies around due to their small size. One of the advantages to owing a Morkie is that Maltese and Yorkie Mix dogs are easy to transport and to travel with.

Morkie Cons

Maltese Yorkie mix dogs bark too much. Some Yorktese dogs tend to bark too much. Boredom or being left alone frequently can cause this companion dog vocalize his or her feelings through barking.
Morkies can be hurt by very young children since they are small dogs.
Morkie dogs left alone for a long time, they can develop separation anxiety.
Morkies are more sensitive to cold weather than many other breeds.
Morkie dogs require moderate to high grooming needs and can be challenging to maintain.
Morkies consume a lot of expensive health tests, vet bills, and vaccinations. The downside of owning a Yorkie Maltese breed is that dog ownership can be expensive.

Morkie health problems

A Morkie may consume a lot of expensive health tests, vet bills, and vaccinations which is another disadvantage. Only people who are financially ready for owning a pet should consider getting a Morkie as this small dog can be expensive to acquire and to maintain.

Another Morkie con is that although Maltese Yorkshire Terrier mix dogs are healthier than their purebred parents, there are still some health issues that are associated with this small dog. Just as it's typical of the parent breeds, Morkies experience health issues related to the eyes, ears as well as dental health issues. Taking good care of Morkie's dental health can make a dramatic difference in the dog's overall health. To keep Maltese Yorkie mix dog's teeth healthy, start brushing the puppy's teeth early on, using canine toothpaste that is enzyme based. Brush the dog's teeth daily to prevent plaque and other dental health issues from taking root. Other ways to keep your dog's teeth healthy and breath fresh include using a dental spray for dogs. It is very easy to use and using dog dental spray can also help to preserve Morkie's teeth in good condition well into the old age.

Maltese Yorkie cross dogs are also susceptible to reverse sneezing and collapsed trachea. To help prevent collapsed trachea do not use a collar on a Morkie, instead be sure to invest in a soft and comfortable harness that is more gentle on Morkie's neck and may help to avoid issues associated with collapsed trachea.

Other health issues experienced by Morkies include Portosystemic shunt and Hypoglycemia.

Health issues in Morkies are, however, not guaranteed to happen. Some Morkies are bound to be healthy while others just get affected by these hereditary health problems. All you need to do is get your Morkie puppy from a reputable breeder so that you don't get a pooch ridden with hereditary problems related to its health, which is usually as a result of irresponsible breeding. Excellent Morkie breeders crossbreed with a primary objective of producing healthy and beautiful puppies that pave way for the recognition of a new breed. Some scam backyard artist breeders do so to earn quick cash from poorly bred dogs. In addition to these, endeavor to keep away from teacup Morkies. While they may be cuter than buttons, most of them are reproduced from breeding practices that are unethical, which makes them carry immense health issues with them.

A good breeder usually selects the lines carefully and focuses more on eliminating genetic health issues on their puppies. Choosing carefully will save you thousands of dollars in vet fees in order to maintain your Morkie's health which can be a drawback to owning this dog.

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