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Maltese vs Yorkie

Dog breed comparison between Maltese and Yorkies dog breeds. Differences and similarities between Yorkies and Maltese.

Breed comparison beetween Maltese and Yorkie

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Maltese vs Yorkie behavior problems

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Maltese vs Yorkie
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Comparison between Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier breeds
Yorkie versus Maltese
Yorkshire Terrier pros and cons

Yorkie vs Maltese

Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese are among the smallest dog breeds and both breeds belong to the toy group. Although Yorkie and Maltese come from different countries of origin and have a distinct appearance, there are some attributes that Maltese and Yorkies share. Both breeds are considered to be hypoallergenic and do not produce as much allergens as many other dog breeds. Coat maintenance requirements are high for the Maltese and for Yorkshire Terriers. See below to compare Maltese to Yorkie breeds in detail.

Maltese and Yorkie Mix (also known as Morkie)

Yorkie and Maltese mix dogs have traits of the two breeds. Physical traits of Maltese and Yorkie mix can resemble either a Maltese or a Yorkshire terrier, or a bit of both of these lap dog breeds. Half Maltese half Yorkie dogs are small in size, and weigh up to 4 kg. Morkies are up to 10 inches tall. Colors of Maltese Yorkie cross dogs can vary because even though Maltese are pure white, Morkies have a beautiful array of colors that can appear on Maltese Yorkie pups.

Image of Maltese and Yorkie mix.

Maltese Yorkie mix dog image

Morkie dog information

Maltese vs Yorkie: Grooming

Maltese and Yorkies are high maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. Both of these lap dog breeds feature a coat that is similar to human hair and grows continuously. Either of the two breeds needs to get the coat brushed daily and trimmed at least once every six weeks to keep the coat in best condition. Yorkies and Maltese dogs need their nails trimmed every month. Grooming for both of these breeds includes daily teeth brushing. Eye stains should be removed because both, Yorkies and Maltese often have dark brown or reddish stains around their eye area that need to be gently removed.

How to groom a Maltese dog

Maltese vs Yorkie: Lifespan

Maltese and Yorkies have similar life expectancy. Both of these small breeds live on average from 11 to 16 years. Many factors can affect a Maltese life expectancy as well as Yorkie lifespan. The dog's overall health, care, diet, lifestyle and other factors determine a dog's longevity.

Yorkie vs Maltese: Size

A Maltese is a very small dog, weighing up to 8 pounds. Yorkies are even smaller than the tiny Maltese and weigh up to 7 pounds. Compare Yorkie and Maltese dog sizes.

Maltese male weight: 6 to 8 lb (3 to 4 kg)
Yorkshire Terrier male weight: 5 to 7 lb (2.7 to 3.1 kg)

Maltese male height: 8 to 10 in (21 to 25 cm)
Yorkshire Terrier male height: 6 to 8 in (15 to 20 cm)

Maltese and Yorkies are among the smallest dog breeds.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Shedding

Maltese and Yorkies are non shedding dog breeds that are considered to be hypoallergenic. Both breeds produce lower level of allergens and can be considered by people who have asthma or pet allergies. If you have pet allergies, be sure to spend some time with the dog before you buy the dog to be sure that your allergies are not getting worse around the dog. Many dogs end up in dog shelters or rescues because the owners did not check whether their pet allergies agree with the pet before buying the dog.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Price

Maltese dogs cost more than Yorkies. An average Yorkie puppy price is about $750 while a Maltese puppy can cost as much as a $1000. The difference in price is a result of Yorkie being a more popular dog and there are more Yorkie breeders than Maltese breeders.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Temperament

Maltese and Yorkie are both affectionate with the owners and love to be around their family. Both breeds tend to be friendly with strangers and the level of comfort around unfamiliar people depends on how much socialization the dog received in a young age. Both breeds stay playful and active well into the old age.

Yorkie versus Maltese: Country of breed origin

Yorkshire terrier breed was developed in England as a ratting dog.
Maltese dogs originally come from the Island of Malta.

Good with kids: Maltese vs Yorkie

Yorkies and Maltese are very small in size, and the small size makes both of these fragile breeds vulnerable around toddlers and young children. Maltese and Yorkies do better in households with older children who are capable of treating the small dog with care and respect that the dog deserves.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Companion dogs

Yorkies and Maltese make excellent companion dogs and are especially popular with older people who have the time and desire to care for a lap dog. Either of these small breeds can make a wonderful family dog for a single person or for older people who enjoy to spend all the time with their pet and don't mind the high grooming requirements that come with owning a Maltese or a Yorkie dog.

Good with other dogs: Yorkie vs Maltese

Yorkies and Maltese can get along with other dogs, especially if socialized from a young age. The small size of the dogs makes them vulnerable and the small dog should be supervised when spending time with a larger dog breed that may see the small dog as a prey.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Intelligence

The Maltese and Yorkies are both smart breeds and capable of learning new commands with proper training.

Maltese compared to Yorkie: Trainability

Yorkies and Maltese respond well to training and with positive training methods can learn many tricks and understand various commands. Dogs aren't born with good manners - owners need to be consistent and patient to raise a dog who is able to behave in a way that makes the owner proud. Start training the dog the moment he arrives to your home. Establish rules and stick to these rules. For example, if you are not planning to raise a dog who is always begging for food when the family is having a dinner, then do not give the dog any food from the table. Feeding the dog from the family table even once will reward the exact behavior that you do not want. There should not be exceptions to the house rules in order to raise a well behaved pet.

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Potty training can take several weeks with either the Maltese or Yorkie. You need to be around to take the dog to the designated dog potty area when the dog is ready in order for the potty training to be successful.

Maltese versus Yorkie: Barking

Maltese and Yorkie owners comment that the Maltese dogs tend to bark more than Yorkies on average. Dog barking can be a big issue especially if you live in an apartment with many neighbors that get to hear your dog barking. Start with training the dog to bark on command. Once you master the "Bark!" command, it becomes easier to train the dog the "Quiet!" command. The "Quiet!" command is a must with a dog that enjoys recreational barking.

Maltese vs Yorkie: Exercise needs

Maltese and Yorkies are active little dogs and enjoy spending time playing with their toys. Both breeds enjoy a few daily walks. Keep some toys at home designed for small breeds. Chewable dog toys can help to keep the dog's teeth clean and healthy.

Health issues: Yorkie vs Maltese

Maltese and Yorkies are small dogs that are relatively healthy. There are some health conditions associated with each specific breed. Yorkies, for example are known to be sucseptible to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), collapsed trachea and heart conditions. Maltese are prone to eye disorders and deafness.

Malteses versus Yorkies: Dog behavior issues

Maltese behavior issues include recreational barking, separation anxiety and more. Yorkies have their own set of behavior problems that may include aggression, difficulties with housetraining and so on. Behavior problems in dogs may be caused by boredom or by a lack of adequate stimulation. Play more with your dog. Use different types of dog toys and come up with ways to mentally stimulate your small dog. For example, use treat dispenser toys for small dogs. The Maltese or Yorkie will be attracted to the smell of the treat that is located inside the toy and will look for a way to extract the treat, which gives the dog something to think about.

If your dog engages in destructive behaviors, come up with a way to engage your dog in activities that will keep the dog busy doing something fun and safe. Owners of small dogs often like to treat the dog like a toy rather than a dog which eventually will cause behavior issues. Even a tiny dog, such as the Maltese or Yorkie should not be allowed to bite the owner. This behavior will lead to the dog biting not only the owner, but the dog may act in an aggressive manner towards other people as well.

Maltese and Yorkie breeds compared: Popularity

Yorkshire Terrier takes 9th place in popularity ranking in the United States and are more popular than the Maltese. The Maltese takes 33rd place in popularity ranking in the United States.

Difference between Maltese and Yorkie: Loyalty to the owner

Both of these companion breeds are loyal to their owners. The Maltese and Yorkie love to spend time with their owners.

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