- Shih Tzu vs Poodle
Poodle versus Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu vs Poodle

Compare Shih Tzu to Poodle. Differences and similarities between these companion dog breeds in detail.

Difference between Shih Tzu and Poodle

Shih Tzu Poodle mix (also known as Shih Poo and Shih-Poo)

Poodle vs Shih Tzu grooming

Shih Tzu vs Poodle lifespan

Poodle vs Shih Tzu size

Shih Tzu vs Poodle shedding

Poodles vs Shih Tzus price

Poodle vs Shih Tzu temperament

Poodles vs Shih Tzus origin

Poodle vs Shih Tzu good with kids

Poodle vs Shih Tzu companion dogs

Difference between Poodle and Shih Tzu ideal home

Shih Tzu versus Poodle other dogs

Poodle vs Shih Tzu intelligence

Poodle vs Shih Tzu trainability

Poodle vs Shih Tzu barking

Poodles vs Shih Tzu exercise needs

Poodle versus Shih Tzu health issues

Poodle vs Shih Tzu behavior problems

Shih Tzu compared to Poodle popularity

Shih Tzu vs Poodle loyalty to the owner

Poodle vs Shih Tzu
Poodle pros and cons

Comparison between Shih Tzu and Poodle breeds
Shih Tzu vs Poodle
Shih Tzu pros and cons

Shih Tzu vs Poodle

Shih Tzus and Poodles are among the most popular companion dog breeds. There are significant differences between Poodles and Shih Tzus that include not only appearance, but also temperaments of these dogs, grooming needs and different energy levels.

In size, Shih Tzu dogs can reach up to sixteen pounds in weight and up to eleven inches in height. Poodles, in comparison to Shih Tzus, come in three different sizes known as Toy Poodle, which is the smallest of Poodles, Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle, which is a large size. Despite such differences in sizes, all Poodles types share similar temperaments.

If you are looking for a lap dog who is content being an affectionate pet companion, Shih Tzu may be the right choice as long as you don't mind the intense grooming needs of this breed. Poodles are more excitable and more active than Shih Tzu, although in terms of grooming Poodles are just as high maintenance as Shih Tzus. Shih Tzu and larger Poodle breeds are suitable for families with children. Toy Poodles are too fragile for families with toddlers and younger kids and are more appropriate for adults of all ages. As family pets, both Poodles and Shih Tzus make great family dogs. Poodles are more responsive to being trained and can be potty trained much faster than Shih Tzus. Shih Tzu breed can present challenges during potty training as well as obedience training. Shih Tzu dogs are more stubborn than Poodles, which makes them more difficult to train. Using short and fun training sessions works best for both, Poodles and Shih Tzus.

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Although in the past Poodles were used as water retriever dogs, today most Poodles transitioned into being companion pets. Poodles are highly intelligent and active dogs that need energetic owners who can provide the smart pet with lots of attention and exercise during the day. Shih Tzu dogs always had the purpose of being companion pets. They are more quiet than Poodles and very affectionate with their owners. Both breeds require lots of attention and time from the owners but Poodles are more active and need more daily exercise than Shih Tzus.

Shih Tzu Poodle mix: Shih Poo or Shih-Poo

Shih Poo and Shih-Poo are other names for a Shih Tzu Poodle mix dogs. Poodle Shih Tzu dogs come in different sizes, depending on which Poodle type was the parent of the Shih Poo dog. For example, if one of the Shih-poo parents was a Toy Poodle, the Shih Tzu Poodle mix puppies will be smaller in size in comparison to puppies from Miniature Poodle and Shih Tzu, because one of the parents in this case is larger in size, which may translate into larger size of the Shih-Poo puppies. The Shih Tzu Poodle cross dogs tend to have a beautiful, fluffy coat that is also hypoallergenic and doesn't produce much shedding. Despite low shedding, Shih Poo dogs need regular brushing and the grooming needs are rather high for Shih Tzu Poodle mix dogs. Shih Tzu Poodle cross dogs are sociable in temperament and they enjoy being around their people. Image of Shih Tzu Poodle mix

Shih Tzu Poodle mix

Shih Poo dog

Half Shih Tzu half Poodle dogs are frequently called "Shih Poo". Half Poodle half Shih Tzu dogs are intelligent, active and affectionate towards their owners.

Poodle vs Shih Tzu: Grooming

Poodles and Shih Tzu dogs are high maintenance breeds, especially when it comes to dog's coat care. Shih Tzu's coat, just like Poodle's hair keeps on growing and there's no length at which the dog's coat stops growing. Potential Shih Tzu or Poodle breed owners need to either groom the pet at home or take the dog to the groomer. Pet grooming appointments can be expensive and with some practice and basic grooming tools, owners can learn to groom a Shih Tzu or Poodle in the convenience of their own home. Start training a Shih Tzu or Poodle puppy early on to accept grooming. Have lots of treats and get the puppy comfortable hearing the sound of the clippers and let the dog sniff the tools and get comfortable on the grooming table. Do not rush the process and provide lots of treats as a reward for good behavior during grooming. Many dogs learn to not only accept but to also enjoy the grooming time.

Poodles and Shih Tzu also need to have their coat brushed daily to remove any mats or tangles. A neglected coat quickly turns into a mess that can cause pain and discomfort to either a Poodle or Shih Tzu. Other daily grooming needs include brushing the dog's teeth with a canine toothpaste and removing any tear stains around the dog's eyes.

Poodle grooming at home

Shih Tzu vs Poodle: Lifespan

Shih Tzu dogs and Poodles live from 11 to 16 years of age. Smaller dogs tend to live longer and smaller Poodle types usually have a longer life span than Standard Poodles. A dog's life expectancy depends on many factors, including breed of the dog, general health, lifestyle, diet and so on.

How long do Shih Tzus live?

Shih Tzu vs Poodle: Size

While Shih Tzu dogs only come in small size, Poodles have three distinct sizes that include Toy, Miniature and Standard. Size comparison between Poodles and Shih Tzu breeds. Shih Tzu sizes
Shih Tzu male weight: 8.8 to 16 lb (4 to 7.25 kg)
Shih Tzu male height: 7.9 to 11 in (20 to 28 cm)

Poodle sizes, including Toy (the smallest Poodle), Miniature (medium size Poodle) and Standard (the largest of Poodle types).
Toy Poodle Size
Toy Poodle Height: up to 10 inches (25 cm)
Toy Poodle Weight: 6 - 9 pounds (3 to 4 kg)

Miniature Poodle Size
Miniature Poodle Height: 11 - 15 inches (28 - 38 cm)
Miniature Poodle Weight: 15 - 17 pounds (7 to 8 kg)

Standard Poodle Size
Standard Poodle Height: over 15 inches (38 cm)
Standard Poodle Weight: 45 - 70 pounds (20 to 32 kg)

Difference between Poodle and Shih Tzu: Shedding

Poodles and Shih Tzu are known as low shedding breeds because they produce a minimal amount of shedding. Despite being low-shedding dogs, Shih Tzu and Poodles lose a few hairs every day, in a similar way to humans. These hairs tend to get stuck in the dog's coat, causing mats and tangles. To prevent mats and tangles from forming, brush a Shih Tzu or Poodle every day to keep the coat in best condition. Shih Tzus and Poodles are also hypoallergenic because they produce less allergens such as dander in comparison to many other breeds.

Poodle versus Shih Tzu: Price

Shih Tzus prices start at around $500. Prices for Poodles are slightly higher on average and start at around $600 per puppy. A dog's price depends on many factors, such as the dog's age, coat color, pedigree, training level and so much more. Show dogs are more expensive in comparison to pet dogs.

Shih Tzu vs Poodle: Temperament

Shih Tzu and Poodles have their differences when it comes to temperament. Shih Tzus are quiet and don't bark much. Poodles are not quiet and unlike Shih Tzus, Poodles tend to bark more. Although Poodles and Shih Tzu dogs are affectionate with friends and family, Poodles tend to be aloof toward strangers. Shih Tzus are friendly by nature and they are sociable even with unfamiliar people. Poodles are less stubborn than Shih Tzus and are easier to train.

Shih Tzu vs. Poodle: Country of breed origin

Shih Tzu breed was developed in Tibet as a companion dog.
Poodle breed originated in Germany and was further developed in France.

Good with kids: Poodle vs Shih Tzu

Although Shih Tzu or Toy Poodles aren't ideal for households with babies or young children, larger Poodle varieties and Shih Tzu make kid friendly dogs for families with older, sensible children. Poodles and Shih Tzu are demanding in terms of grooming and attention and potential owners need to be able to dedicate plenty of time to caring for these breeds on a day to day basis. Larger Poodle varieties are also active, which is great for playing with children but also adds to the owner's responsibility that includes providing this energetic dog with enough physical activity during the day. Children should never be burdened with a responsibility of caring for a family pet - only an adult can provide the proper care to either a Poodle or a Shih Tzu. Kids can be involved in helping to care for a Poodle or Shih Tzu, but ultimately only an adult would know what to do in case a dog doesn't feel well or provide the pet with proper obedience training, daily grooming and so on.

Poodle vs Shih Tzu: Companion dogs

Poodles and Shih Tzu breeds make excellent companions for people who have the time to allocate to caring for these breeds. Shih Tzus are affectionate towards their owners and enjoy receiving a lot of attention. Poodles are loyal and intelligent companion dogs that need an owner who can bring the best of this glamorous breed by providing the dog with the grooming, obedience training and socialization during puppyhood to raise a confident and well adjusted dog, that can be comfortable in various environments. Poodles and Shih Tzu are ideal pet choices for adults of all ages who like to groom their pet. Potential owners who are planning to use professional grooming services need to be financially ready as grooming appointments for Poodles and Shih Tzu dogs can cost a small fortune.

Shih Tzu vs Poodle: Ideal home

Shih Tzu dogs are more versatile in terms of living conditions than Poodles and can live in an apartment or in a large country home. Poodles, especially larger Poodle types, are more demanding than Shih Tzus in terms of daily exercise and they are also more prone to barking than Shih Tzus. Standard and Miniature Poodles are more suitable for living in a home with a fenced yard, where the dog can get some exercise. Although Poodles are adaptable and can live in a city or in the country home, Standard Poodles may be too energetic to be comfortable living in a small city apartment. Poodles who live in apartments need a few long walks during the day to burn that energy. Shih Tzu dogs are naturally quiet and make good neighbors. Poodles may enjoy barking too much, which can cause discomfort for the neighbors in apartment buildings.

Good with other dogs: Shih Tzu vs Poodle

Shih Tzu dogs are friendly and sociable and usually get along with other dogs. Poodles, on the other hand may not always get along with other dogs and in some cases can be aggressive towards other male dogs. Poodles and Shih Tzu dogs need to be socialized early in live to be comfortable around other dogs. Some Poodles may like to chase other small animals such as cats and squirrels unless taught not to do so.

Poodles versus Shih Tzu: Intelligence

Poodles are in top five most intelligent breeds. They learn quickly and easily. Shih Tzu breed is also smart but Shih Tzu dogs can be stubborn and it takes a longer time for a Shih Tzu to learn new commands. Both breeds enjoy mental stimulation during the day. Active playtime, interaction with the owners and playing with interactive dog toys or treat dispenser toys helps to satisfy the dog's need for mental stimulation during the day.

Poodle vs Shih Tzu: Trainability

Poodles are more responsive to training than more stubborn Shih Tzus. Poodles are easily trainable and eager to please the owner. Obedience training and potty training can be challenging with Shih Tzus. Positive and consistent obedience training can produce successful results with Shih Tzu, but the owner needs to be patient with this breed.

Poodles versus Shih Tzu: Barking

Poodles like to bark and potential owners should be aware of that. Shih Tzus are quiet dogs that rarely bark. In comparison to Shih Tzus, Poodles bark significantly more. Poodles bark for different reasons, including asking for food or attention, letting the owners know about something unusual that's happening or because the dog is bored or lonely. Leaving a companion dog alone frequently may result in undesirable behavior such as excessive barking.

Poodle compared to Shih Tzu: Exercise needs

Shih Tzus adjust to the energy level of their family. Poodles, on the other hand, have lots of energy that needs to be released through exercise such as walking or playing. Poodles are generally more active than Shih Tzus. Standard Poodles are the most active of the three Poodle types and need energetic owners who can keep up with the dog's high energy.

Health issues: Shih Tzu vs Poodle

Poodles and Shih Tzu dogs may have eye issues. Keeping the hair away from the dog's eyes helps to keep the eyes healthy. Joint issues may be an issue for older Shih Tzus and Poodles. Overall these are sturdy breeds and with proper care and good diet Poodles and Shih Tzus can live happy and healthy into the old age.

Poodle versus Shih Tzu: Dog behavior issues

Poodles and Shih Tzu are companion pets that need to be around owners most of the time. Dog behavior problems often start when a companion dog breed is left alone frequently. Only people who have plenty of time to dedicate to a family dog should consider either a Shih Tzu or a Poodle breeds. These breeds are demanding in terms of care and attention and if neglected can develop various behavior problems from excessive barking to scratching doors and damaging furniture to name a few.

Poodle vs Shih Tzu: Popularity

Poodle takes 7th place in popularity ranking in the United States. Shih Tzu takes 20th place in popularity ranking in the United States, according to AKC. Poodles are among the most recognizable breeds around the world and Shih Tzu breed is not far behind.

Poodle and Shih Tzu compared: Loyalty to the owner

Affectionate and loving Chihuahuas and Shih Tzu dogs are loyal companions to their families and enjoy to spend as much time as possible with their people.
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