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Yorkies and Poodles compared. Differences and similarities between these popular companion breeds in detail.

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Yorkie vs Poodle intelligence

Yorkies vs Poodles trainability

Yorkie vs Poodle barking

Yorkies vs Poodle exercise needs

Yorkie vs Poodle health issues

Yorkies vs Poodles behavior problems

Yorkies vs Poodles popularity

Yorkies vs Poodles loyalty to the owner

Yorkie versus Poodle
Yorkshire Terrier pros and cons

Comparison between Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle breeds
Poodle vs Yorkie
Poodle pros and cons

Poodle vs Yorkie

Poodles and Yorkes are well known among small breed enthusiasts. There are significant differences between Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles that potential owners need to be aware of. When comparing Yorkies and Poodles by size, Toy Poodles and Yorkies are the closest in height and weight. Other Poodle varieties that include Standard and Miniature Poodle are significantly larger than tiny Yorkies. The similarities between Poodles and Yorkies include grooming needs. Both, Poodles and Yorkies have maximum grooming needs and potential owners need to be ready to spend half an hour a day on brushing and grooming their small companion pet. Poodes and Yorkies are both hypoallergenic and are known as low shedding breeds. People with pet allergies or asthma may find that Yorkies and Poodles don't aggravate their allergies as most other dog breeds. Always spend some time with a dog before making the final commitment to make sure that your allergies don't get worse around the dog. Toy Poodles and Yorkies have about the same energy level and need several walks every day to stay in good physical and mental shape.

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What are the similarities between Poodles and Yorkies? Both of these companion breeds need to spend most of the time with the owners. Poodles and Yorkies are highly intelligent and respond well to training. Owners of either a Poodle or a Yorkie need to be financially ready to spend a significant amount on monthly dog grooming salon visits and maintaining these dogs can be expensive. Some owners choose to groom Poodles or Yorkshire Terriers at home. Not only is grooming a dog at home a bonding experience but a lot of money can be saved on professional dog grooming services.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Grooming

Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles have a very different coat structure. While Yorkie's hair is straight, Poodles have a curly coat that keeps on growing. Both breeds require daily brushing to keep the coat in best condition and mat-free. A neglected coat will quickly turn into a mess that will cause a lot of discomfort to a Yorkie or Poodle. Yorkie and Poodle owners can keep the dog's coat short and neat by trimming it every six weeks or so. Grooming a Poodle or Yorkie at home is more economical and many owners choose to learn how to give their dogs a haircut in the convenience of their own home, rather than take the dog to a professional dog groomer, which can be expensive. Besides coat maintenance, daily Yorkie or Poodle grooming routine needs to include teeth brushing and gently removing the eye stains. Dog's nails should be trimmed about once every six weeks.

Yorkies vs Toy Poodles: Lifespan comparison

Yorkies often live up to 16 years of age, while Poodles have a shorter life span on average, and most live up to 14 years of age.

Toy Poodle vs Yorkie: Size comparison

Toy Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers are among the smallest dog breeds. Toy Poodles are the closest in size to Yorkies and can weigh up to 7 pounds while Yorkies weigh up to 8 pounds in comparison. In height, Yorkies can reach up to 8 inches while Poodles can be up to 10 inches in height.

Yorkshire Terrier male weight: 5 to 7 lb (2.7 to 3.1 kg)
Toy Poodle male weight: 4 to 8 lb (1.8 to 3.6 kg)

Yorkshire Terrier male height: 6 to 8 in (15 to 20 cm)
Toy Poodle male height: under 10 in (under 25 cm)

Yorkies and Toy Poodles are fragile due to the miniature size and owners always must exercise caution not to accidentally step or sit on a small pet.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Shedding

Poodles, just like Yorkies are low shedding dogs. Despite the minimal shedding, both of these breeds require daily brushing to remove any dead hairs and mats from their coat. Not only are Yorkies and Poodles nonshedding, these dogs also are known as hypoallergenic and produce less allergens than many other breeds.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Price

An average Yorkie puppy price is about $750. In comparison, a Toy Poodle price starts at around $500 and up.

Poodles vs Yorkies: Temperament

Poodles and Yorkies are alert, curious and love to be in the center of attention. Yorkies tend to be more stubborn in comparison to Poodles. Yorkies are more independent minded than Poodles. Poodles and Yorkies are affectionate towards their owners and make wonderful companion dogs for people who have the time to spend on grooming and interacting with a lively and intelligent pet.

Poodle vs. Yorkshire Terrier: Country of breed origin

Poodle breed originated in Germany but was developed in France.
Yorkshire Terriers originate in England.

Good with kids: Yorkies vs Poodles

Yorkies and Toy Poodles are not ideal for households with toddlers or young children because both of these breeds are vulnerable due to small size. Miniature and Standard Poodles are more sturdy and not as fragile when interacting with young kids in comparison to Toy Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers. Poodles and Yorkies are demanding in terms of grooming and attention and may not be suitable for busy families with small kids.

Yorkie vs Poodle: Companion dogs

Poodles and Yorkies are great companion dogs for people willing to dedicate most of the time to grooming and caring for a pet. Both of these breeds can be loving companions for seniors, single people and families with older children. Highly intelligent Yorkies and Poodles are playful and adaptable in terms of exercise. Poodles, especially Standard and Miniature Poodles have lots of energy and enjoy longer walks than Toy Poodles or Yorkies. The advantage of having a tiny Yorkie or Toy Poodle is that the small size makes this dog easy to carry and if the dog is tired during a long walk, the owner can easily carry the small pet or use a pet carrier where the dog can rest for some time.

Poodles vs Yorkies: Ideal home

Companion breeds such as Poodles or Yorkies are adaptable to living in either a country or city environment as long as the dog gets to spend plenty of time with the owner and gets enough physical activity. Having a fenced yard is a big plus for either a Yorkie or a Poodle as the dog can get some exercise there. Dogs who live in an apartment benefit from having an access to a park where the dog can get the daily amount of exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Good with other dogs: Poodles vs Yorkies

Yorkies may express aggression towards other strange dogs if not socialized properly from a young age. Poodles, in comparison to Yorkies are rarely aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs and can happily coexist with other dogs or pets in the household. Yorkies were originally used as ratting dogs and Yorkshire Terrier owners need to be aware that these small dogs have a strong prey instinct. Introducing small pets such as hamsters to Yorkies should be done very carefully to avoid any tragedies. Yorkie owners should not leave a Yorkie alone with a small pet unsupervised.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Intelligence

Poodles are on top of the list among the most intelligent dog breeds. Poodles have a natural inclination to learn quickly and Poodle owners report that this breed responds well to training. Yorkies, just like Poodles are very intelligent but training a Yorkie is more difficult as this terrier breed is more stubborn and independent in character. Both, Yorkies and Poodles enjoy mental stimulation and owners can provide their smart pets with interactive dog toys. Even treat dispenser toys can stimulate a dog's mind as the dog needs to figure out how to get the treats out of the toy. Stimulate a Poodle's or Yorkie's mind by playing creative games with the dog. Even teaching your dog to recognize his or her toys by name is a great way to activate your dog's mental abilities. Start by training a Poodle or a Yorkie to recognize one dog toy by name. Only use one dog toy for a few days and keep repeating the name of the toy several times during the day to make sure the dog makes the connection. After Yorkie or Poodle learned to recognize the first toy by name, it's time to add more toys one at a time and keep on building up your pet's capacity to recognize all his toys by name. It is a fun and bonding experience for both you and your pet and after some time you can even impress your friends or family with the way your dog is able to recognize so many toys by name. Be patient as most dogs take about a week to learn a name of the first toy, and the more frequently you use the dog toy's name, the sooner your dog will associate the toy with the word that you use to name it. Always use the same name for a particular toy and all toys need to have different names.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Trainability

Poodles are easier to train than Yorkies and here's why. Yorkshire terriers are more independent minded than Poodles and are more obstinate during training. Finding the right motivation and keeping training sessions fun and short is the key to successful Yorkie obedience training. Poodles, in comparison, love to please the owners and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the owner happy. Poodles are quick learners and respond well to positive training. Potty training is also easier with Poodles than with Yorkies.

Yorkies versus Poodles: Barking

Poodles are more quiet than Yorkies on average. Barking may be a problem for dogs who live in an apartment and Yorkie or Poodle owners can train their pets to learn the "Quiet!" command. Most dog behavior specialists agree that training a dog to bark on command first and then training the dog to be quiet on command is a faster way to succeed with the "Quiet!" command. The concept of being quiet is easier for a dog to grasp once the pet understands the concept of barking on command first.

Excessive barking may be a result of leaving a companion dog alone for long periods of time. The dog may bark out of loneliness or boredom. Potential dog owners who have little time during the week to spend with their companion dog should consider other breeds that are less sensitive to being left alone frequently.

Yorkies vs Poodles: Exercise needs

Yorkies and Poodles are active breeds and need several daily walks in addition to some indoor playtime. Yorkies and Toy Poodles are smaller in size than Standard Poodles, for example and need less exercise to get enough physical activity during the day. Standard Poodles, on the other hand are large dogs that need longer walks and more physical activity during the day to stay physically and mentally in best shape. Provide your pet with several different toys that include treat dispenser toys, chewable toys and something that the dog can fetch. Each individual dog has a specific preference to what kind of dog toys suit him or her best. Having a few dog toys at home help to meet your dog's mental and physical exercise needs.

Health issues: Poodles vs Yorkshire Terriers

There aren't many genetic health issues associated with Yorkshire Terrier breed. Some of the known health issues include dislocation of kneecap and elobow, malformation of spinal vertebrae, cataracts and heart murmur. Just like Yorkies, Poodles are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia and eye problems. Standard Poodles are vulnerable to bloat.

Yorkie versus Poodle: Dog behavior issues

Yorkies and Poodles that get left alone frequently and for long periods of time are more prone to behavior issues such as excessive barking, scratching doors and chewing furniture. These companion breeds need to be around owners most of the time otherwise behavior or psychological issues may develop in Poodles or Yorkies. Give your dog a nice long walk before leaving your pet alone. After a walk most dogs tend to rest for some time. Another good strategy that helps to manage behavior problems is by providing the dog with dog toys that may include chewable toys. A toy will keep your dog busy for some time while you are gone and your pet is less likely to chew on your new shoes if he has a chewable toy available. Excessive barking in a Yorkie or in Poodle dog may be caused by a separation anxiety. A dog behavior specialist may be able to help correct the issue.

Yorkie vs Poodle: Popularity

Yorkshire Terriers take 9th place in popularity ranking in the United States. Poodles are even more popular in the USA and take a 7th place in popularity ranking.

Yorkie versus Poodle: Loyalty to the owner

Loyal and intelligent breeds such as Yorkies and Poodles provide unconditional love and many positive emotions to their owners.
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